Monday, December 31, 2012

{2012} In Review

It's crazy to think that just yesterday, or so it seems like it, 2012 was just starting so fresh, so new......

Then I looked at my first post from 2012; and WOW! What a difference a year makes:

::{Click here} FIRST POST OF 2012::

This year was GREAT.

{Click on EACH month to read related posts or see pictures!}
In March; Cami turned ONE! We had a fiesta and a wave of Momma-melt downs began. Many may not know this but this year I battled fiercely with Momma Blues {some type of PPD}. It wasn't fun, therapy helped and after a major melt-down and full-blown panic attack in September, I quit my Full-time job to be a Stay-@-Home-Momma. {Read about it ::here:: ::here:: and ::here::}

In May; My Hubby graduated from college with his Bachelor's degree!!!! GO HUBBY  & GO COOGS!!! Whoop-Whoop!!!

In June; I turned 31. Officially a year in my 30's in 6 months, I will be 32! Wow, just yesterday, I was 18. Wow.

In July; The Hubby landed a pretty sweet job opportunity and it's helped us realize a lot about ourselves and our accomplishments. My Hubby is incredibly smart and an amazingly hard working person. I love him. Lots.

In August; My Hubby  turned 33! Wow! We met when he was 17. Crazy huh?

In September; My Santi turned 3!!! 3!!!! He won't be a baby much longer...makes me sad. A lot. A lot! I also quit my job this month after a not so good event; to become a Stay-@-Home-Momma. Which may be ending soon... because well... it just happens...

In October; a new journey began and I attended my FIRST ever official BLOGGER Conference!!!! Thanks to the Latism Houston Chapter and their sponsorship!!!! Say whaaaa'?? It was great, great month!!! ::PICTURES HERE::

Now it's December 31st, the last day of the year... it's bittersweet....leaving behind all the good and the BAD that happened in 2012 but always remembering that NO MATTER what God was there with us EVERY.SINGLE.STEP.OF.THE.WAY.

As a constant reminder of my faith in 2012, I had some very, very harsh moments but I remained faith-ful and in prayer and God knew when I should have a melt-down and when I needed to be fierce! In everything I did in 2012; failures, successes, happiness, sadness, tears and joy...I honestly looked for God and trusted in Him to give me ever lasting strength... everyday. Every time. As I sit here on the last day of 2012; I want to thank not only my friends and family who remained constant and by my side with their never ending love and support but also Thank You to all the NEW and amazing friends that I added to my Blog, Facebook, and contact book! I love you all and I pray that you and your families have an amazingly wonderful new year!!!!!

Many Blessings. 

2 Corinthians 5:17

New King James Version (NKJV)
17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.
See Ya' Next Year!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

{Friday Letters} ♥ The Last Friday of the Year


Dear Friday Letter,
They like you! They really like you!!!

Dear Friday,
Thank you for being here. You are the last one of this year.... I am ready for this week to be over. Just a little anxious for offense 2012...but honestly.... you are in the past...You gave me an AMAZING year but your time is up.
Thank you for the memories....see you next Friday in 2013!!!! ::insert happy dance here::

Dear Me,
THIS IS IT. Your time to shine!!!!  2012 was great but 2013 will be better!!! Don't give up. Remember that your FAMILY, the people who sit with you on Friday night and hold your hand on Sunday morning those are the people you are working with to make this life amazing!!!! God is with you every single step of the way so let's do this!!! NO fears. No worries. JUST MOVE ON. Move forward. Pray. Love. & laugh more often...your Hubby is really funny!!! Remember though to slow down. Take time to hug and kiss your little ones they will never be this little again. Tell your Momma and Dad how much you love them, and appreciate EVERYTHING that they have done for you and given you in life. EVERYTHING. Remind your siblings that you LOVE them, you started this life with them and you need them.
Love you.
P.S. The weight. I promise it will come off....but what if we get preggers again...we shall see. God will know. :)

Dear Life,
Hmmm, reevaluating you right now. So be warned!
To new beginnings.

Dear Hubby,
Thank you so much for my new camera! I abso-love it. You are the absolute best!!! It came just in time we have a whole new year ahead of us and I can't wait to start taking pictures of EVERYTHING we do!!! I will put my camera to good use!
Love you bunches!!!!

Dear kids,
You guys are great. It's been fun this week being home with both of you. I get the best of both worlds and you know's a lot easier than I thought it would be. Thank you for making my life complete. We start a new year together in a few days...all I can say it, I love you. A lot.

Have a great weekend everyone!!! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

{On Direction} #2013

Christmas is gone. My family is going through a difficult time right now. One that when the time is right I will discuss for now I ask for prayers and time.....

I haven't uploaded my Christmas pictures, in part because my BIGGEST surprise this year was a present! An actual present. The way my Hubby works is that ever since we got married we decided that presents were not important. Moments have been. So, we don't get hung up on what to give one another and every year... the expectations are less but I still get a very well thought out present that I love and use! One year I got a hot pink blow-dryer, which I totally needed, my old one was...OLD. Another year I got a gift card to NY& Co. Which was perfect for work clothes! This year...tops it all! A brand-spankin'new camera! Which if you know me and my love for taking a million random pictures and you are my friend on FB I am totally taking the whole loading FB pictures, to a WHOLE.NEW.level! Haha.

But, with what we are going through, with Christmas, with 2013 just a few days away I want to really think about direction! For this little ol'Momma Blog, for Me as a Momma, for my family and my career and our future.

Life has been SO amazing to me in 2012 {reflections and look back at 2012 to follow soon} and I really want to make all this worth my while, my effort and my already spent time.

It's a difficult place to be but I know God has me here for a reason and just this morning my Son and I said a prayer for my future goals and I think that God has definitely given me so much more than I deserve. No, my life is NOT perfect. Never. No, I am not rich or have the fanciest and best, but my Hubby and I make it work everyday. Together. We are SO very Blessed. With truth, faith and love.

Am I ready for 2013? Yes, yes I am. 2012 has proven new strength and new hope in me and now I want to START over in 2013 and give my life a whole new DIRECTION. 

What about you?  Where has life taken you in 2012 and are you ready for 2013?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

{Awesome Wickless Candles & More} Shop Giveaway Jan. 2013

Let's show some Momma Love to Stacey!!! 
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My hubby is a stay at home dad and makes sure that the kids and I are all taken care of by the time I get off of work. I enjoy meeting new people and helping others when I can. I only speak English but I do understand Spanish a lot. My favorite saying is "rubber ducky your my friend" I know its kind of childish but hey who said we ever have to completely grow up? Some of my favorite hobbies are making crafty things with my kiddos and collecting Coca Cola stuff. 


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Friday, December 21, 2012

{Friday Letters} Week Dos ♥


{I made my own Friday Letters Icon!}

Dear Week,
Where the heck did you go?? No really it was Monday yesterday and today everyones all "the world is ending!" Dude, what'd you do to us?!
See ya'maybe....

Dear Friday Letter,
I wrote you down  on paper, even if Ariana laughs at me, reason being.... my kids were on the computer and I needed to write my letters! And, guess what?? Week 2 of remembering to write you so, yay me! 
See ya soon!

Dear Hubby,
You went out last night. I don't say this much but you deserve a break from Major Crazy and her 2 Cadets Chaos and Mini-Drama. And, I don't say this enough, THANK YOU because you not only work hard every day to provide for us but you do it with love and without complaint. I love you. Also, Thank you for letting me have my own mini-break this week and letting me have dinner with my Momma friends as well.
Te amo.

Dear YouTube,
Some days you're a life saver, others your a bad choice of unrelated clips with little description as to what the next 10 minutes will entail or end in! Must remind myself to give you different settings....because my kids are learning to use this computer and yea, it's kinda crazy what they can get into... i.e. going from Angry Bird cartoons to 2 girls dancing "hit me baby one time"?? Wow. Never again. At least it was PG and you got Santi's attention for a whole 5 minutes...

Dear Santi,
This week you did an amazing job at yet another school program performance. This time we all were there to witness it; Your Daddy, Cami, Gran-Ma Chelo, Tio David and good friend Elizabeth. We all sat in the audience watching you with joy, cheering you on, your biggest fan like always...Cami...she loved seeing you sing and jingle those bells with all your might. You are amazing. We love you and I think you are a star in the making or at least a really cute boy who comes out in school programs!! After it was all said and done, you cried because we all had to leave and you stayed behind..but I didn't want you to miss your first school Christmas party! 
We love you my beautiful little man more than words can describe,
Yo Momma 

Dear Cami,
This week you made us laugh as you farted on command, you made us all sit on the edge of seats as you walked on the edge of yours, and you made me sad because you were sick.{Fever and vomit.} Through it all you have no fear. You are strong and your are silly just like your Daddy cause everyone knows Momma's don't fart. I pray that God gives you never ending fearless strength and health. That God protects your silly heart so that you can be a woman of marvelous faith and live a joyous life!
We love you my sweet baby more than words can describe,
Yo  Momma

Dear God,
Today marks a week since the most horrible incident in Newton, CT. I pray that you bring comfort and peace to all the aching Momma and Daddy hearts and to all those families mourning the loss of an Angel in their lives. May your love heal their pain and restore their faith in humanity and in sense of security, because I know mine has been shattered and only prayer can bring it back. In Jesus Name.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

{Children} #stoptheviolence #prayer

Speaking life, truth and positivity into my children's lives is so important to me.

In the midst of the horrible tragedy on Friday morning in CT, all I could think about is my kids. My home. This is where the teaching begins. Right now my kids are little, they are overactive and they are, well, kids filled with tantrums and outburst. My Husband and I are fairly new at this but we have attempted to take on a different approach with every tantrum. Out of frustration in the past I have had different reactions, these days I realize that if I keep cool, calm and collected {my Husband usually is} then my children will listen to me better. In return I pray that they too are learning that reacting in a cool, calm and collected way is the way to approach most situations in life. To keep a level head and to stay positive with your words and your actions.

The teaching, I know, begins at home. It's what my mind kept telling me on Friday morning and throughout the day. Respect. Respect those around you, especially your elders as long as they never harm you physically. In which case it is OK, to tell them to stop and leave you alone and to tell Momma and Daddy about it. {We are teaching my kids who is allowed in their personal space, it's a must!}

My Husband and I have vowed to stay on the same terms with every situation. If he says no, I say no. If he says it's ok then I say it's ok, all within reason. With every situation we attempt to understand and explain to my son and daughter and be reasonable with them, because even at a young age, they are more than absorbing everything we say, do and how we react. We've learned that the hard way... i.e. curse words.

Sometimes though, I do feel that even though the parents of some of these people who commit horrific acts are as cool, calm and collected and attempt to vocalize their concerns with their children, there comes a point when actions and words become something faint and these troubled men and women, will do what they want regardless. I know the importance of speaking up, speaking to my children about every aspect of their lives because my Momma did that with us and she still does. No matter how uncomfortable the conversation got my Momma never let me leave the room feeling confused or with doubts. And, I always knew how much she loved me and that every action she took was for my benefit and because she loved me! Even to this day. 

We will attempt to capture their minds and dig deep into their hearts to open up about life, outcomes and staying healthy not only physically but mentally as well, but what happens when these kids do what they want anyway. Have we failed? Where have we failed?

All, I know is that I vow to not only pray boldly for my children on a daily basis but to show up in a bold manner in their lives and in ever single aspect of their lives. My children are my world and I don't want them to harm or be harmed.

Prayer. Counseling. Respect.

::Dear God, Teach me to be the parent my children need in their lives and to allow them to grow with each experience as I guide them through life and you guide our families and community. I pray that you protect my children, keep them safe and shield them from harm. I know that life is filled with failures, doubt and disappointments but PLEASE dear Lord, teach my children that there is hope, a shinning light and Your Love NO MATTER WHAT or how many times they fall, and that You and us as their parents will be there to help them get back up and on track! Allow my children to see the good in people but to be cautious of evil that surrounds us on a daily basis, never to be blinded by ignorance, never to be so naive that they don't sense danger or people who want to take advantage of them, and to always be aware that Jesus is the way and the path to take when in doubt. I pray, in Jesus name. Amen. Thank You, Lord!::

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Softness and Warmth #KleenexSWS


I love the Holiday's and I  love the cold weather...well not so much for us here in Houston but it gets cold and we end up getting sick. Plus flu season is in full swing, I don't like getting sick and I hope that this season doesn't catch me but every time I get sick I am reminded of how much I miss living at home with my Momma. My Momma now lives about 45 minutes away from me and all I know is that on those days when I am sneezing, coughing and just want to crawl into my bed and NEVER get up all I want is my Momma and her care!

Being that we were very Mexican, when I was sick my Momma always made me un caldo de pollo con tortilla y limon, una canela caliente, and of course handed me los Kleenex! It never failed her extra care and loved filled warmth made me feel better! I would rest and be back on my feet in no time! These days I am a Momma myself and Kleenex is an essential for the runny, stuffy get all over your face, hands and clothes moco days! Not to mention when we are sick we love that extra softness rather than any other rough tissue paper.

Share Pack 

Kleenex is definitely a household name for us with 2 toddlers running around we love to wipe hands and faces when we are on the go! Which is why these awesome SHARE PACKS are so handy for this Momma of Dos on the move! I will make sure to always have one handy not just for my little ones but to share as well!

Make sure to visit Kleenex and get yours today, or send someone a{links that follow are for Spanish site for Kleenex} SHARE PACK or CARE PACK today and make those special people in your life feel the softness and warmth on their worse days!

The Care Pack is a complete care package and would make an awesome gift for anyone who is feeling a little under the weather, cause we all know... "'ain't nobody got time for that!"! Ha. Ha.


Momma Disclosure: This is a compensated post and in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect as well as with Kleenex. We received a Share Pack of Kleenex in order to write about it for this post. The above statements are both my true and honest opinions.

{Houston Area Women's Center} #stoptheviolence

Many may not know this about me but I have witnessed violence in the home first hand. {I don't plan on giving out details, when it happened I told many people in hopes that it would ease the pain, I went to church, I spoke to my Boyfriend-He is now my Husband, I wrote about it, I cried about it, I thought about dying at my own hands over it. It was not the best time in my life but I also don't want to harm those whom I love with details or remembering what was. I lived through it. I survived and so did she.}

I was going to post about this regardless but with what happened on Friday I decided to make it a mini-series on my Blog. #stoptheviolence

Domestic Violence of any form is a difficult and tramautizing experience. Trust me. I have been there. In the dark with the thought of, what if I just stop breathing, it will stop the pain. After years of it and fed up, I was grown and after feeling powerless at one point in my life, I had suddenly gained strenght, wisdom, age and courage. Courgae that was built after years of horrifiying stories, first hand accounts, and one call to the HAWC. I stood in a room, with the adrelanie rush and telling my story of intervention, prevention and attempting to save a life. I then found myself in a waiting room on Montrose. Could this be real? ME. I was living this. With a loved one. So much pain. So many terrify events. The emotional. The physical. The abuse on so many levels. The pain on a level I never knew I could reach.

After days, weeks and months of years... the pain, empowerment. The memories, my strength and my courage. I will never, NEVER allow this to happen to a loved one EVER. Again.

Which is why I am here now. Telling you that if you are suffering ANY kind of abuse you too can overcome, survive and heal.

3 weeks ago I was invited to attend the taping of Great Day Houston. I sat in the audience and a first hand account of what live TV is like. It was exciting and an awesome opportunity. But, I wasn't sure if anyone else was there for the same reason that I was. I had survived violence in the home. I was there to assist in representing the Houston Area Women's Center, we wore red. The color of pain and hope when you live through and survive what I have see, heard and lived. I felt honored. Humbled. And, an amazingly overwhelming feeling to have been able to put YEARS of violence behind me. Years of silence in the open. It's a freeing sitiuation.




I am here today to ask you to donate and help in any way possible for an extremenly good cause. One that saved my life and that of my loved ones. One that has restored my faith in life, love and marriage.

I thank the Houston Area Women's Center for one day holding our hand and giving us hope.

I thank Frida for the opportunity and allowing me to be a part of something so great and simple as to sit and represent a cause and for a place that one day harvested safety and new hope for those of us who have lost it.

Go to the following links to help the HAWC::HERE:: and ::HERE::
Go to the following link to learn more about Frida ::HERE::

If you need help getting out of a violent situation and are scared to move forward know that the person hurting you will never hurt you if you stop giving them the power to do so. ::CLICK HERE FOR HELP::

Prayers for those in pain.

Momma Disclosure: This is not a compensated OR sponsored post. This is however a subject that is very near and dear to my heart which is why I chose to share it.  The above statements are both true and actual experiences.

Friday, December 14, 2012

{El Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe} #tradiciones

As the years begin to pass and celebrations come about I am thinking that November/December will be one of our favorite seasons! There is so much to do, so many traditions to hold near and just so much love and hope in the air.

One thing that I know for sure is that as the time passes and the kids get older I have come to realize that what I want most for this holiday season is to make it a memorable one for OUR little family of 4! As selfish as that may sound, I want my kids to know that when times were tough and situations came about what mattered most was US; my Hubby, my Cami, my Santi and myself.

Because when the kids think back and look at our memories together I don't ever want them to say; my parents threw huge fancy Christmas parties with all their friends and family....I want them to say... that we had a humble, happy, loving, gathering with Jesus in our home; even if it was just us and our faith and love for another. It's what my little heart is yearning. For my children to know that the reason for the Holiday's is because Jesus was born and our lives were saved. Because, we are Mexican we have HUGE celebrations when it comes to Birthday's and other life events, but when I grew up, the Holiday's were about prayer, coming closer to the One who was born to be our Saviour. We did this through celebrations like; las fiestas y misa del Dia de La Virgen de Guadalupe, las Posadas, la Noche Buena, y Navidad. I don't remember HUGE fancy parties. I remember prayer, family and awesome food...las bolsitas, los tamales, las piñatas! These are my favorite memories growing up. Playing with my cousins on cold winter nights after almost 2 hours of Grandmother was intense! Ha. And, a lot of love and faith being planted in our hearts.

Which is why, when it comes to traditions and celebrations I try to make them count and make them memorable. Every year more and more!

cami and vigren

dia de la virgen2

dia de la virgen

{Friday Letters} ♥ Numero 1

Dear Friday Letters,
I made it! I am here! I remembered and I joined in...say whaatt??
Until Next week. 

Dear Week!
It's been a good one! A lot of fun activities. Productive on the Blog, not so much at home. We will catch up next week. You've been good to me. Check back next week to see how we are doing.
Peace out. 

Dear Post Office,
I have had a bad impression of you. But, in my visit this week I was taken back to the days when you were relevant and nothing was done via the World Wide Web. You've brought me good memories this week.

Dear Life,
Thank you. I can't complain.
Love you. 

Dear Hubby
You are the best. We are not perfect. We are not rich. But, we make it work! Everyday. All the time. I love you. You are sitting patiently behind me while I type; the kids running wild and you are waiting for me to start the Batman movie. Thank You so much for your love, understanding, patience and support.
Your Crazy Wife aka Momma! 

Dear Kids
Love always,
Yo Momma! 

Thank you for joining me for my first edition of Friday Letters!!!

Hope you enjoyed them and check out some of the ladies that inspired me to begin this series!!

Sabz over at The Eclectic Grab Bag:
Mariel over at Living for His Glory:

Thank You ladies for the awesome inspiration!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Beliefs and Curanderas..... #maldeojo

{Disclaimer: Yes, I am Catholic. While I am Catholic I don't have a limited or closed minded view about religion, faith and seeking God in your own manner and beliefs. I would NEVER attempt to make others think, believe or pray the way I do. So, please be kind with your thoughts and words. I believe in Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit as well as the, the Virgin Mary & the Virgen de Guadalupe and all the Saints.}

I am not usually a "disclaimer" type of person. I am who I am, my faith is my own and I really don't believe in making others convert or thinking like me ever. We are all entitled to our own feelings, thoughts and beliefs.


With that said.

The other day I caught myself trying to "sweep" my son with an egg, you know how the Curanderas do or in my case my Momma does. My Son was not in the mood for anything and he had maybe the worse freak out moment while I was attempting to bathe him. I asked him if he was OK, I checked him to see if he was hurt and moments after the episode and without knowing what to think I started to pray with fervor over my son.

I usually pray with or over my children before bed or in the morning but this day, it was a different kind of prayer and I had no idea how or what but I felt like I needed to take action. Trust me it wasn't anything medical because I know my son and he was fine. Had I felt that he had to go to the Hospital I would have taken him. I am a fairly new Momma but I know my children well and I tend to trust my instincts pretty well.

I then thought of finding him an amuleto, in particular the ojo de venado bracelet to protect him from el mal de ojo and  evil spirits. Was I going over board or just being a Momma and thinking of everything I can do for my child? I don't know but he has not had an episode since and I have been lighting my candles and praying over my home every night. It brings me peace. As prayer usually does.

My Momma usually likes to bathe them and then pray over them with the gives her peace of mind... I don't mind it and as long as what we do is pray...I never see anything wrong with it. Am I weird? Maybe. Am I Mexican? For sure.

How about you? Your Momma or Abuelita ever try to do any special ritual for you or your kids?   

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

{On Letting Yourself Go...} #embracingwhoiam

First off...Luke Bryan... love.

Yesterday, I wrote about my constant battle with weight and my self-love and confidence.

These days, I stay home. I am usually in jeans, chanclas, or tennis shoes, a t-shirt.... hair pulled make-up and a smile. I love my life. I love my children. I love my Husband. But, some days, I don't feel like dressing up and feeling fabulous BUT I realize the importance of it.


I know who I am and what I look like on a daily basis and I value the importance of self-image and looking good for yourself and for your Hubby. I have some pretty amazing women in my life and as I looked through my Facebook the other day I saw so many beautiful girls and thought...I can be as put together as them...I just have to make the time and the effort. It's important and I realize it now more than ever.

Being at home with kids all day can make me a very grumpy Momma like person. I don't want that for myself..or my family and especially not my children and Hubby. I love them too much so I should show myself some love and not just feel fit and healthy but LOOK fit and healthy.

Trust me it's a constant up and down feeling and it's not always easy for me.

I try.

I will continue to seek that place where I can just be me and be happy but I don't want to settle for anything less than my best. I loved this past weekend. I got to dress up and go out with my Hubby. I felt amazing. I felt great.

The song above just made me ask myself the question...DO I? And, I know I do, I just need to be more consistent with it all!

So many middle aged emotions tugging at my heart this week.... oh the woes of being 31... 32 in June! It's been a ride and I am ready to take it to the next level!

Monday, December 10, 2012

{Embracing Who I am} #weightbattle

Who am I?

I am a 31 year old Momma of Dos. 31. Not 21, not 18. 31. 


When I first met my Husband I was 18, a size 12 and had no children. I have always battled with my weight though. I have been a size 2 at my smallest when I was about 23 or 24....and I have been a size 18 at 9 months pregnant and 200lbs. These days I am at 175. Size 14 or so. My goal these days is NEVER to look, or be "hot". I want to be healthy and comfortable with myself and who I am not my weight or what society thinks I should look like. I want to be happy and feel good.

As a woman it's a difficult situation. The emotional baggage that comes with constant weight battle is deep. The fears and the disappointment take a toll mentally, emotionally, and physically. I give up constantly, the meltdowns and breakouts get real. Then I regain my confidence and strength to move on.

This weekend we had my Husband's Company Christmas Party. I am not scared to admit that there were women there who looked amazing and are probably really great people as well. But, my confidence runs low sometimes and without the constant reassurance that my Husband provides about not only my capability to be and about the way  I look I am not sure I would ever recover... but I have and I do.


I love who I am. But, I am human and insecurities in me do exist. Some days or nights I am not as confident about myself and who I am as I used to be when I was 21 or 18. It takes work. A lot of work. It takes confident boosters and kind words and patience from my Husband's part. It's takes a little prayer and constant brain fight on my part. I am NOT a super young girl anymore but that doesn't mean I don't want to be fit and sexy. It just means that the reasoning and motivation behind my weight lose should be, I think, driven by some pretty well thought out and reasonable motives.

So, today I am proclaiming that my motives to be fit, healthy and yes...sometimes sexy are:

So that I can run and not get tired of running around in the yard with my  kids.
So that I can be healthy and live a long life with my children and Hubby.
So that I can feel happy and comfortable in my own skin.
So that I can love who I am and embrace my body and figure as it is
So that I can try on a dress and not feel like I should choke the girl in the dressing room next me who keeps telling her mom how "big" the size 6 dress fits her! {Just sayin'...keepin' it real. Trust me I said a prayer and contained myself!}
So that I can embrace who I am and who I have become.
So that no one else can define what I "should" look like or WHO I should look like.

I am me. I will NEVER look like any other "young hottie", I will always look like me. A grown woman with two amazingly beautiful children and a great guy next to me who supports me no matter how crazy jealous wife {being totally real here} I get on him. I am beyond Blessed and who I am and how I feel should reflect that. Everyday.




Friday, December 7, 2012

{Blah-ness & a Girls Lunch} ♥

I don't ever want my Blog to be overwhelming or's never been my intention to just write....whether my purpose was to learn to write or share my everyday life it was never intended to be fake or meaningless and without purpose....with that said. 

This week I went through a bit of a BLAH moment. I am sure you have had those weeks. Where you just don't want to do, be, or write. I have them and I take advantage of them to think, to recollect, to regroup, and to just be. The weather in Houston has been "icky" for lack of a better word. This week we had kind of a gloomy start with clouds, rain and a blueish silver tone to the sky. No? Maybe it was just me. When the weather is "blue", I get BLAH. It's not fun. "Blame it on the rain...."{no pun intended. Haha.}

I am sure I have written about my down moments in the past and really I don't think it's a bad thing. I think a little break and a melodramatic meltdown are in order to write heartfelt and genuine posts!

I think....

Needless to say. This week was really exciting and definitely a productive one! {But, Now I have some Blogging to catch up...don't be surprised if I double up on post this weekend!}

Not only did I finish putting my Christmas tree up but I finished washing laundry...does anyone want to come over and fold it and put it away for me? Hahaha. {BTW. I am adding some Ha's as opposed to my regular. Ha. Because apparently my Hubby has been reading my Blog and he doesn't like the way my ONE Ha. READS. Critics, I tell ya'....Ha. Ha.}


By Thursday I had done so much that I took on a little extra "task" which I will write about in another post..just because the topic is very near and dear to my heart. And, this morning I thought a girls lunch would be a nice treat! So, I headed out to Northside Houston, to meet up with some good friends that I used to work with... I have only been gone from work for about 2 months and it feels like forever!!! We went to one of our favorite places....Teotihuacan. We had an awesome time and the food was YUMMA!!

My friend Pam, gave my Cami and my friend Christina's daughter Celeste some SOAP. It's not just any soap and as soon as I have the information I will totally give it to you. Because not only are they super cute soaps, they smell good and are made from the best products. I can't wait to get more information. Pam's Son and Daughter-in-Law make them...I thought it was a very thoughtful and creative gift! The girls loved it.  I have some pretty amazing friends!!!

And, now since I figured Flickr out...some pictures! Yay!








En grandes platicas....


Camila's awesome gift! So, creative and crafty!!! Love it!!!! {The website for the soaps is:} Enjoy!!!!


Monday, December 3, 2012

{Weekend Adventure!}

It's Monday! 

Happy Monday to all. 

Last week I discovered that my Hubby's 16 year old Cousin, Miss. Dani,  
knew how to use Photoshop and that she has taken some pretty good pictures of my kids. 

So, I proposed that her and I go out on a little Christmas adventure.... 

She became my photographer and I got some pretty good picture of the kids and I! 

Here is some of her work! 












By the way..I realized that being a Photographer is NOT easy and definitely NOT my strong point, HA. It was hot, the kids were fussy and yeah..I am not as patient as I think myself to be when it come to these things....but we did well and I am so proud of Danielle for all her hard work and for ALWAYS putting up with all my crazy ideas and us.
Did you have a good weekend? What little adventures did you participate in?