Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's + Marriage = True Comedy

My Hubby and I have been together for 14 years now. We dated for 7 years and have been married for 7 years. {15 yrs of having met in August and 8 years of marriage in the same month this year}


Are we perfect? Uhm, NO. Far beyond it.
Do we get on each others nerves? YES. Lots. Everyday.
Do we argue? Who doesn't!

But, do we love one another? Yes. Too much.

I have decided that even though I am still after all these years trying to figure it out myself that I may {or may not be} entitled to give what I consider MY top 5 secrets for being with my Hubby as long as I have been.

Some things to remember; We are NOT perfect. We each have our flaws. But, we work it out.

Top 5 Secrets for a Good {not perfect} Long-Lasting Relationship/Marriage:

#1 COMMUNICATION is KEY. It's true. Big or small. I tell my Hubby everything. I mean he doesn't have to know the details of every conversation or grocery trip but we talk. Everyday. About everything. EVERYTHING. We are always in the loop about one another and we NEVER allow others to tell us something about each other without already having discussed it ourselves. In other words..he will, WILL hear it from me and vice-versa. TALK IT OUT.

#2 We laugh. About a lot. About everything, everyday and yes, even at each other... I mean come on... you just have to. If we sat here and wallowed in our everyday pains and mistakes we'd be ruined. I think. My Hubby is goofy and over the top crazy sometimes, he jokes and pokes fun and I think that without his sense of humor we'd be boring and sad most days.... life is hard and we have had MANY trials and challenges in the last 14 years. My Hubby always has his laughter and I smile and go along with it. We may be annoying to most..but for works. Cheesy. I know.

#3 We agree & disagree. I have MANY opinions about everyday situations, people and places. We don't always agree. We DO agree on our kids, our lifestyle, our spending, our faith, and our overall thoughts about what we want for our future and how to raise our kids. Then there are things that he LOVES, that I can't stand.... most involve food, television shows and music, but we also have a lot of similar cultural background that helps us agree on those little things. We be Mexican. Lots.

#4 We are  He is spontaneous. One thing that I am is a planner. The Hubby is NOT. I have a problem relaxing. The Hubby does NOT. Therefore I have LEARNED to be spontaneous. Those moments when he has called me after work and me at the park....or wakes up on a Saturday morning and says lets go to the's those moments that I have learned to appreciate life, my marriage and now my children and life as a Momma. It's important. Planning EVERYTHING can get grueling and is at times routine. We like to break away.... really I like to stay put and the Hubby likes to break away..but when I go with his ideas I am often surprised. And, always Blessed. 

#5 We have each others backs. We don't always agree, yes we argue and no we are not the same in many ways. BUT, no matter what, we have always been there for one another. He is my best friend and he has seen many of my dark days and he has been there to pull me through...I like to think that I have helped him overcome his biggest fears, trials and obstacles as well. We are always, Always there for one another. We have seen MANY people come and go in our lives and NO matter how difficult our lives together have been we have always stuck by one another.... NO MATTER WHAT. 

We have NEVER allowed man to come between what God has united.

Have we had times when we thought we might not make it to this day? Sure.
Have we thought about leaving one another? I am sure we have. Has it ever happened? Never.
Have we worked it out no matter what the difficulty has been? MOST DEFINITELY.
Do we continue to grow and learn on a daily basis? Absolutely.

We work at our marriage everyday. It's not easy. With every new sun rise we face new challenges and we work hard to get past them and over them. We can't be upset at one another for long and we have never doubted that we are in it for the long run. We attempt to be selfless and faith-filled and we pray for our children, our marriage and one another... we may not tell each other everyday but we know it every minute.

I pray for my Husbands', daily success because if he doesn't feel good about his daily life...well it affects us. And, the same for myself. We are a team and we continue to build on our skills as partners, as individuals, as parents, as who we are to the world but most importantly who we are to one another.

Happy Valentine's Day to my Hubby! Love you more.


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