Momma of Dos: 2017

Monday, June 26, 2017

::Latina Home Party:: Open to TEXAS & COLORADO #ad #LatinaHomeParty

::Momma Disclosure:: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Home Party and DiMe Media. All opinions expressed are my own.

After a long week at work sometimes this Momma needs a good relaxing drink! How fun would it be to host your own event where all Momma's could just sit back relax and enjoy a refreshing Summer drink? Latina Home Party is offering just that! Learn more about this fun opportunity and sign-up today. It's open to all Latinas in Texas and Colorado but it ends SOON so sign up today!

We’re excited to share the first event of Latina Home Party and tell you how you too can be a part of the party! The launch of Latina Home Party will feature Palm Breeze. Palm Breeze is a sparkling alcoholic spritz, all hosts that apply must be 21+. The best thing about this opportunity is that it’s FREE!

Latina Home Party is looking to sign up hosts living in Texas and Colorado, if you fit this demographic, sign up to host a Palm Breeze party HERE. Confirmed hosts will receive the follow home party products to share with friends and family at their own home party:

  • $25 Gift Card
  • 15 Palm Breeze Lip Balm
  • 20 Drink Umbrellas
  • 2 Flower Garland (for party decorations)
  • 15 Leis
  • 1 Info Card for Host
  • 2 Framed table card (for party decorations)
  • 15 Palm Breeze sunglasses
  • 3 Palm Breeze Beach Balls (for party decorations)

What an awesome party pack! Host a movie night with your friends, share with your book club, or just a casual get together will turn into a great night with the Latina Home Party, Palm Breeze party box.

Make sure to sign up soon as registration closes at 11:59pm EST on Thursday, June 29th.

What is Latina Home Party?
  • Latina Home Party provides you exclusive access to new products and services to try at home with your friends and family. We provide you with the fun, you provide the location and the atmosphere!
  • Latina Home Party is a community of collaborative marketing by Hispanic women. Here you have the opportunity to participate in marketing activities from your favorite products and be able to collaborate with your favorite brands. You learn about new products just to be launched to market at the convenience of your own home (try them for free) and influence with your opinion some of the best known companies in the world.

Friday, June 16, 2017

::Keeping your Child's Skin Healthy:: H-E-B #BabyDoveArrival #sponsored

:: Momma Disclosure:: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Mirum Shopper, but all opinions are true and my own. 

H-E-B has a great new product that will be both pleasing to you as a parent and to your baby's skin, Baby Dove! My children are no longer babies but I love taking care of them just like I did on day one. Their skin is sometimes overly sensitive and exposed to the sun more than it should be. Some soaps can be harsh and don't moisturize as much as Dove does. I love the soft, hydrated skin that results from using Dove products. Now that they are available at my local H-E-B, they are very accessible. Good skin is very important to me and for our well being. 

I want my kids to always feel comfortable and healthy. I love that my daughter was able to use the products without worrying about it getting in her eyes and stinging. She loved being able to use the Tip to Toe wash for her hair and body. She's slowly learning to be very independent at bath-time and knowing that she can be with the Baby Dove products is reassuring to me as a Momma. Baby Dove smells great and leaves your skin so soft and moisturized. I've used Dove products due to my very sensitive skin and am glad that there are now products available for my little ones. 

The products I was able to purchase at my local H-E-B in the baby section were: 
The easy to use pump makes it great for when your little ones are learning to shower on their own and they cannot spill it nor does the bottle leak which prevents it from being wasted. And, I like knowing that there are options to use when your child has sensitive skin. In addition to the bathing with the Tip to Toe wash, I used the Baby Dove lotion to help add extra moisture to Camila's skin. She has very dry knees and elbows but the Baby Dove lotion helps replenish the moisture she needs! 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Laundry for days...the Momma Struggle with Tide® PODS™ + Downy® #sponsored

::Momma Disclosure:: This is a sponsored post, but all statements are my true and honest opinion.

I love doing laundry. Said NO Momma ever. But, as a busy Momma of Dos who works outside the home, I do have to embrace my chores and find effective and fast ways to complete them.  I know my loads of laundry are not going to disappear, we wash at least 1-2 loads a day for our little family of 4. With Tide® PODS™ + Downy®, it makes everything so much easier and convenient. The single packets are great! Small but powerful. And, being a single dose makes it a no-fuss, less-mess situation!
Using the pods was so easy and I could tell in one wash how strong they were, leaving our clothes fresh and clean!
Another factor that makes these pods so wonderful is their containers when closed properly and sealed helps your little ones protect protected from the harms of household items. An important reminder is to keep them closed and in a high place where they are out of reach of children.
My kids are my first and most important priority. I love being able to give them a safe environment in my home without having to worry about the items I’m cleaning my clothes with.

Tide Pods 2.jpg

Tide Pods 3.jpg

Finally, I love the final product after washing several, hundred, loads throughout the week, my clothes were soft, clean and smelled fresh! My children loved the feel of all of their pajamas and blankies! I loved that I could wash some of our daily favorite times like my black slacks for work which have to look presentable and clean every day! With Tide® PODS™ + Downy®, I did not have to worry about them fading or stretching after a couple of washes.
I love being able to count on detergent to not have to worry about my clothes not washing completely or being damaged in the wash. We are constantly on the go and having one less thing to worry about daily, is definitely a plus for us. Our days get hectic and can be a little crazy and having clothes drama is never fun in our home, but being able to eliminate that worry with reliable detergent makes this Momma happy!

Monday, June 12, 2017

:: Freaky Friday at the Alley Theater:: June 2 - July 2, 2017 #sponsored

::Momma Disclosure::  My family and I were invited to attend Freaky Friday in exchange for this review, but all opinions and statements are true and my own.

::Reasons why I take my children to the theater::

When we thought it was the right time we took the kids to see live theater because my Husband and I believe in age appropriate activities. The first year I was worried, but then we went again last year and I realized how much they loved it. When we were invited to see Freaky Friday live on stage, this year, I accepted for the following reasons. And, I was very happy with our choice to go! 

1) Ignites Creativity- My kids LOVE the arts, they are young but love movies, acting, dancing, exploring what they can create. Yes, we are the kind of parents who tell their kids they can do anything. Because well, honestly I feel you can. They may not have all the resources currently but we support them and if they are truly passionate about something we will stand behind them. And, live theater, truly inspires you and awakens the creativity within!

2) Finding your passion- As stated my kids are at that age where they are truly seeking, and exploring the world and all it's possibilities. We want to expose our children to an atmosphere that will allow them to seek and find their true passion. Until now Camila and Santiago have done dance, baseball, soccer and they are constantly writing and drawing. I want their tiny brains to absorb as much as they can and develop in any area possible. Next, I think we need to find some quiet instruments for them to try. Is that possible? 

3) Self-expression- We constantly encourage full expression, verbal, written, dance, acting, or anything the kids need to do to help them express themselves. I know we sound super carefree and free-flowing, we are and we aren't. I'm super strict because of how I grew up and my Husband is the opposite.  So we tend to provide a good balance for my kids, you know the neurotic mom who yells every 2 seconds versus the laid-back dad who lets the kids reach their ultimate limits. But, we both agree that allowing the kids to express themselves and have a voice in our house and family is important. The arts tend to bring out that unique very deep down type of self-expression. 

And, my husband and I love seeing what our kids come up with, I'm sure every parent is the same. Amused by the speck on the paper and we call it a Picasso and enroll our kids in the top art programs in your city. NO? Just me? 

:: Reasons why I loved Freaky Friday::

I have never seen the Disney movie, but I loved the play. The story is about a teenager still grieving her father's death and maybe not knowing exactly how to grieve or cope with her feelings So, she's, of course, rebellious and sad. Her Momma is a "composed well put-together person", or so she seems, who is also seeking to move on and in the process has forgotten how hard life was as a teen. It's such a great play with GREAT points of conversation for every family; loss of a parent, losing yourself as a parent, wanting to be part of the in-crowd as a teen, trying to find your path or place within your family as a child. My kids really took a lot away from it. 

Camila said that she learned  that you should never break things that will change your life. 
Santiago said he learned that you don't have to be like anyone else. Just be yourself. And, that the Momma and daughter duo had exchanged or switched souls. 
The three main points that I felt came from the play were:
  • Self-love- at one point both the momma and daughter realize how much they should embrace who they are and where they in life. It touches on body-image for the younger crowd and even as a parent. Self-love is so important. Not being SO wrapped up in the day to day and looking at the small things in life that make you who you are and happy. 
  • Parenting- This is so complicated. Kids don't come with a how-to book, and it's hard. You will mess up and that's OK. But, when you least expect it, you realize you are doing your best and that's all that matters! No one has it down perfect and we don't have to be. 
  • Mother/Child relationship- It's important to remember that you were once a child and that life can be hard for kids nowadays. Filled with daily school pressures and stresses. We weren't born knowing everything. And, we should be patient with our kids, easier said than done for sure, when adulthood can be so hard itself! 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

::Midlife at 35:: Yep, a post about Menopause, before it happens....

::Momma Disclosure::  I was invited to attend IntersectionM/Mlive a midlife conference in exchange for this review, but all opinions and statements are true and my own! 

Learn more about the creators of this event :

I know you hear it all the time, age is just a number. Well to me it truly is. At 35, I feel pretty awesome. To be alive and to be strong. To have endured lots and overcome even more. Am I thinking about what the future will be like as I age? Absolutely, I may be "young" now but that won't last forever. In my 20's I realized that I couldn't be scared of aging and what it would bring. After all my Momma who is now almost 60, was doing an amazing job, she remains active, goes out and has so much life in her. I want to be that way. How did I create this mindset and not be scared of the "M" word?


Well for one I surround myself with like-minded women, and last month I was invited to a great new conference that will help you discuss this and other woman issues. None to be scared of but to embrace.

::5 things I learned at the Midlife Conference here in Houston::

1) Resources are important: If you don't think this type of conference is for you then the least that you can do is collect resources. Even at 35 I feel that having the information I need now, for when I need it in a few years is great. Being informed helps you deal with the issues at hand a lot easier than when it's just a shot in the dark or unknown. Can we agree on that? At minimum be informed about what goes on as you age, about how much we should do for ourselves and what will happen to our bodies and mind, if we don't take care of them.  Simple rule I think, be informed.

2) Like-Minded Women of every age: If you know me then you know, I am not one to create a tight circle of women and never look outside that group. I do love having close friends who are my age and relateable. But, trust me the older I get the more I know that having friends in every age group, younger than me, my age and older than me is important. Why? Well, number one you stay relevant and in-the-know of what's new, and secondly, you can see how other women handled aging and what you can do to help you reach those different milestones with grace and strength! I also have friends who are single and don't have kids, because I then live vicariously through them. HA.

3) So much has evolved: One of the things that sticks in my mind is that things have truly changed, times have changed. And, I'm sure that your Momma's advice is not the same advice you'll give to your daughter. This day in age things evolve in a matter of minutes! If you are an iPhone carrier then you know, things change quick. I loved that the conference brought to light new technology that even I at 35 had NO clue existed, mostly in female cosmetic surgery. It truly amazed me and left me wondering how or if I could use some of those services as I start to leave my childbearing years behind. This type of surgery as described to me in one sentence.... "you will live your life to a whole new level." I loved that. Having kids and other minor female complications have left me, well, worn out to say the least! I look forward to helping my body out in years to come!

4) Don't be scared, it's life: One of the fantastic speakers was Dr. Gayle, the Spunky Old Broad, when I tell you that she lives up to that title, well you'd have to meet her but she does!!! She is 79, works out 2 hours a DAY and has lived through so much. But, she has no fear, she chooses life. She is happy, positive and focused on life. That's what I aim to be. When I was younger, sure I was scared about "getting old", but now I've lived through so much myself that aging, menopause and any other milestone that comes with time, it's doesn't scare me. I want to be prepared and ready for what's to come. So, I do what I have to do; I exercise, eat right, take mental-health breaks, focus on me, enjoy my family and do all those things that self-help coaches recommend. Cause life is too short not to.  

5) Embrace the age and LOVE it: I know, it's easier said than done. And, everyone's circumstances are different. But, I love where I am right now in life, at 35, a Latina Professional, Momma of Dos and with a great very supportive spouse and family. I think that it's important to take into consideration, like all things in life, that the good does outweigh the bad. For me I embrace my age and where I am. I had a long 10 years in my 20's that I don't wish to re-live, but I also had amazing moments from 28-30 when I had my children and grew so much as a person, wife, momma, daughter, etc. So for me as I begin to exit my 30's, at almost 36, I look forward to finishing off this decade with a bang! And, I know SO many amazing 40-something-year-old's that I know I have LOTS to look forward to!

With that said! I can't wait until next year and another conference filled with great content and connect with new women!! Learn more about the creators of this event :

Monday, May 15, 2017

::Mother's Day Letter:: To my Children

It's been a little quiet on the blog these days. It comes with good reason. Working on so many other things in my life right now. But, I wanted to share my Mother's Day reflection with you. 

Yesterday was a great day, lots of happiness and smiles, laughter, gifts and hugs and kisses for sure. There were also disagreements, arguing and feelings of discontent, but that doesn't take away from how great the day was. Because well, that's life right? Good and bad. We work through it. Everyday. Happily and with a grateful heart. 

As I prepared to start my day I thought about my kids. On mother's day. Truth is, for me every day has been mother's day for the last 7 1/2 years. Since my son was born. I love my kids. They drive me nuts, create chaos and also fill so many empty spaces in my heart that needed them. They have taught me so much about patience, and being happy and fulfilled by the small things in life, and simply enjoying life. 

Once you become an adult, with real life responsibilities; you know a 9-5, bills, college, husband/partner, coworkers, dramatic family experiences, illness, pursuing your passions, children of your own, etc. You tend to forget number one;  how to really enjoy yourself and number two, you take for granted the small things in life. At least that's what I've learned about myself as a Momma. I've become so busy "doing" and being an adult that some days I have tunnel vision and feel that there is only one path. This is not true. 

With that stated, I wrote the following: 

To my Children, Camila and Santiago; 

I want you both to grow up well. Motivated. Inspired and determined. I want you to be strong, courageous and bold. To know that elementary school, middle school, high school and even college are easy, it's life in general that I want you to succeed in. I want you to stand up for what you truly believe in, to always speak your mind no matter who it makes uncomfortable, even if it's yourself. I don't want you to be blind or naive about man-kind and people, to know that they can be evil, selfish and ill-intentioned. I want you to be aware and have your eyes and hearts wide open. 

To be open about the world around you but at the same time weary of others capabilities. Not everyone wants the best for you, and that's their problem not yours. I want you to help others but not be a push-over, like me. I want you to love others but never more than yourselves. I want you to know that YOU matter and can make a difference, only if you lead the way. You can't allow others to lead it for you. I want you to know, life is hard. But, if you set your mind to survive it, you can do it. I don't want you to give up on yourself.  

I want you to do everything you love, fully. I'm always the first to admit that I yell, I expect a lot from you both, I push you (and your Dad) to do more, only because I know you are more than capable of great things. I know that academics isn't for everyone but don't allow others to dictate what you can and cannot do. If you want to go to school and get a degree then do that. If you want to travel and be free then do that. If you want to open a bar and raise money for dog shelters, well do that too. But, do it well, go at it with true passion and dedication and succeed at it. 

A lot of people in our lives and family have sacrificed so much for us to be here. In the U.S., so be mindful and work hard! Your Dad and I, we went to college. Not just so that our parents could be proud but to set the example that it can be done. Yes, we want you to go to college and do well.  But, we know that's not for everyone. There are though options and other career training. Don't give up. Don't do nothing. 

Know that I love you NO MATTER what, or who you become. God is with you and I pray for your protection and happiness, daily, sometimes more than once in a day. Know that you already make me so proud. You are funny, you are smart, you are loving and caring. Above all you are LOVED, Blessed and Highly Favored and I pray you will be forever and ever. 

Love always, 

Your Momma

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

::M Live! The Expo About Modern Midlife:: JOIN US THIS WEEKEND

::Momma Disclosure:: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own and true. 

Register for free online with code: MOMMAOFDOS



When it comes to menopause, we all get there at different times, with different circumstances, for different reasons, and at different times in our lives. There's not one thing about menopause that's the same for any one of us—but we all arrive at that place, that intersection, at some point or another.

But, midlife is about infinitely more than menopause. And while menopause plays a role, it's not the be-all, end-all of midlife.

Did You Know?

51% of all women are in menopause, but not every woman in midlife has gone through menopause. As women, menopause and midlife are as inevitable as death and taxes. We are the forgotten women. When we are girls and mothers of girls, we are told how to handle puberty, but who helps us how to handle when we go OUT of puberty?

Welcome to M Live!

M Live! is THE Expo about modern midlife - focused on empowering women and providing resources, support, education, entertainment, and opportunities that they can’t find anywhere else. This isn’t your momma’s midlife, this is modern midlife personified.

M Live!—brought to you by Intersection M—features speakers that specialize in integrative and traditional medicine, gynecologists that specialize in menopause and fitness and nutrition experts to provide tips on whole body health and most importantly the opportunity to have your questions answered by a panel of health practitioners that have your best interest in mind. Need motivation? We have speakers for that too! Want to understand finances? We have you covered. Our speaker on finance in midlife will have you set for retirement.

Meet Us At The Intersection!

Being held at the Health Museum in Houston, the day will be filled with information, education, laughter, sisterhood, botox, fillers, advice, questions and answers, vendors who sell fantastic things, a yummy lunch, snacks, giveaways and contests!

It's going to rock your midlife!

We are going to be bringing it, and we want the same from YOU!

Midlife today is what you make it, let's celebrate it together!

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?
The best way to get the event is via car or you can always Uber! Parking is free at the Museum, surrounding streets and at the McGovern Gardens across the street.
How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
You can contact Lee at or Faith at
What's the refund policy?
We would be happy to refund up to 10 days before the event. Unfortunately, we can't refund after that!

Monday, April 17, 2017

::Marigold Couture:: Spring Dress for All Occasions

:: Momma Disclosure:: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Marigold Couture, but all opinions are true and my own opinion. 

Spring is here and sometimes as a Momma to one very girly girl it's overwhelming to enter department stores to find something both Camila and I love. When it comes to dressing Camila I am often torn between keeping her in "in-style" and allowing her to be herself. But, when it comes to fun, appropriate and comfortable clothes, I trust Camila and her own personal style. She is above all very girly and while I might have to stop her sometimes from walking outside in some kind of Disney Princess dress or her pajamas, she is always very modest and appropriate. 

I want Camila to always be herself, that's foremost. I want Camila to be fun and happy. I love that she is so comfortable and confident in her own skin. 

I think that the styles brought forth by Marigold Couture help capture all the fun and innocence that a 6-year-old can portray. I love the beautiful hand-crafted dresses. I love the unique prints and very age appropriate styles. The dresses they make are great for all occasions; formal, casual and every day. This past weekend we celebrated Easter and Camila's new dress was so great for church but it's also one I can see her wearing to school or to a friends birthday party.  

I loved the details like the neckline ruffle and the waistline ribbon, the colors, and print on this butterfly dress was so perfect for our Spring season celebrations. Camila loves her new dress but was also very free to be herself.  That's what I loved about it. 

A little about Marigold Couture; 
"We are three Mompreneurs based in the large and diverse city of Houston, TX. We also have children and launched Marigold Couture in 2016 to bring to you a children's line that is 'traditionally trendy'. We love playing with fabrics and patterns and mixing them to give you unique, beautiful handmade pieces that are also child appropriate. 
All of our designs are crafted and manufactured with LOVE here in the USA."

Visit and Follow Marigold Cotoure on social media:

Thursday, April 13, 2017

::This is 6:: Camila's Birthday Letter and Photoshoot

Dear Camila, 

Over the past 6 years, the amount of physical, emotional and learning growth that you have experienced is visible every single day. You are a strong willed, gorgeous little lady who practices self-love daily. You know that you can do anything you want, a little too much some days. You and I have fighting words almost daily, but I love you like no one else. You are not your typical Daddy's girl because some days you don't want to even be around him. But, he spoils you rotten regardless and loves you more than words can express. 

You are not really your typical girl in any sense, which we absolutely love about you. 

You are VERY humorous, but you are also a little jealous when your brother tries to show you up. We're working on this with you. You love to make people laugh. You dance salsa, merengue and Cha-Cha-Cha. Pretty much anything hip-hop too, you love to be free flowing and we love seeing you come up with new dance moves. About your brother, you love him more than life and even though you guys fight every minute of every day, he loves you just as much. You are usually best friends and loving when you aren't punching each-other and shouting about something.

You know how to make us laugh, you encourage us when we are down. Literally, you have told me "Mom, you can do this." And, you encourage yourself. You are tough at times filled with self-doubt and a little too stubborn. We are working on this too. At times, I want to rid you of your flaws and tantrums, but then I think about how those little things make you who you are and I know that some of those traits will have to remain with you. 

You love creating and filming videos for your non-existent YouTube Channel, you've made so many short videos and we laugh so much with them. You don't like to be laughed at. But, your personality is just so great, sometimes, we have to laugh. You've mastered "snapchap" (snapchat). You love makeup and are the girliest of girls. Not sure where you get that from, it's not me. At all. Again, some days I'm highly annoyed because I have no clue where to start with you, but then we learn together and all is good.

You are not only funny and beautiful, you are VERY hard working and smart. We knew you'd be that girl, you want to learn and are very competitive. Which is great. You try hard to reach the same levels as your brother in school, and at times seem to exceed them. You have learned to speak Spanish, all with your own effort. You love doing school projects and making friends. You are too friendly at times and have learned that if kids don't want to be your friend, you can move on without them. 

You have always been so super sweet and loving and caring, this has only grown with time. You are amazing Camila, don't ever allow anyone to tell you otherwise, but you already know this. You are faith-filled and at times far more understanding than me. You are very impatient, like me. You want things done now and no other way. You are a busy body and I can shift you from project to project. You don't mind doing, as long as it's something you want to do. You don't like cleaning up, you are a messy artist. You are a creative and thoughtful person. 

You are strong, in so many ways. But, most importantly, you are loved. I can't wait to see you (and your brother) grow even more in days, months, and years to come. You are our Morenaza!

I pray for you to be beyond blessed all the wonderful days of your life...

Love yo'Momma, Daddy and Buh-buh!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

:: Nancy's Cake Review :: The thing about life & Birthday's

::Momma Disclosure:: Post is partially sponsored, but all opinions and thoughts expressed are mine and true. 

It's been a while. 

I know. 

Here is the thing about life and well in this post about birthday's. You really can't predict the outcome. A couple months ago I thought about a great theme for Cam's 6th Birthday. I wanted her to have a fun Spa day with her friends and then a dinner at our house with family. Well. Then life happened. Right around the same time in February when I was planning all this, I had a car accident. Semi-bad and somewhat costly. I have been in therapy for about 7 weeks now. Our truck was in the shop for about a week and the same day we picked it up, it broke down. Two-weeks later we still didn't have  a car and more money was spent. Side note: Don't know how families of 4 or more survive with one car, we managed but it was hard. Kudos to you!

Then about three-weeks ago, I let go of the idea I had for Cam's birthday and decided we would wing it and just have something "small". Of course with a (big-fat) Mexican family you don't really get a "small" option but maybe a more contained group than usual. 

My Husband and I started looking into our options and went for a family only dinner at our house, which would still be between 30-40 people or maybe 60. OK, so we had a small get-together for 60 family members, cause you only turn 6 once. HA. Prior to this I was asked by a PR representative for Nancy's Cake Designs, if I would like to partner with the bakery for one of my kids' birthdays. Since Cam's was first, I did just that. During the first few days of March, I worked with Nancy and her team to design the cake and figure out logistics. The bakery is on the SouthEast side of town, thankfully my Momma lives nearby  in North/East side of Houston and was able to pick the cake up for me. But, trust me it was well worth it. Being an optimist, I told Nancy I would only have about 30-35 guests, but we had near 60. Still the cake was SO big, everyone ate cake and we even had leftovers!

I had envisioned something colorful and that fit our theme with Cam's birthday being, "Birthday Diva". Because, in case you didn't know, she's half child and half Diva, true story. If you follow me on "snapchap" (snapchat) then you know, she spoke one day on the subject and how her friends just call her Hollywood Diva for short. And, if you know Cam then you know, she is wild. Like no other. I don't think I could make up her personality. And, again if you follow me on social media then you know my children lack personality and imagination ::KIDDING::.

Anyway, the CAKE. It was perfect. My vision and what I sent over was embodied perfectly!

Nancy's Cakes was very professional, they messaged me, called and made sure I was very happy with how my cake details were coming along. I spoke to Nancy herself on several occasions, she is fully bilingual which helps on so many levels! And, the cake was not only perfect on the outside but the inside was equally delicious! We tried a nut flavored cake with strawberry cream filing, you guys, best choice ever. Visit her page for all the fun designs and cake options. The one cake that sold me, and if you know me you know why, was her UH cake! It's my alma mater and I love it!

And, as for life and birthdays, no matter how far off track things can get, or how lost you might think a cause maybe. It's truly not that serious and there is always a better and fair alternative or solution. Cam's birthday wasn't what I envisioned it to be this year, but we have many more with this little Diva so we'll get it right one day!

Either way, everyone loved spending the afternoon with Miss. Birthday Diva and she absolutely LOVED being Diva for the day!!!  ::done using the word DIVA::

HUGE Thank you to Nancy's Cake Designs for making our day extra special and to our family who came and joined-in celebrating my little miracle baby!

P.S. Yearly Birthday Letter/Photo-shoot to follow..... 

Monday, March 6, 2017

::chloe + isabel:: review

::Momma Disclosure:: I have been provided a product in exchange for this review. All opinions and statements are my own, true and honest opinions. 

A couple of months ago (I know, so behind these days) I was contacted by a local Momma friend about creating a post for her new jewelry en-devours. Of course I agreed, who doesn't love jewelry! I'm not huge on being "blinged" out all the time, I'm not Bey or JLo, haha. But, every once in a while a Momma likes to be fancy. Evelin met me and gifted me this gorgeous necklace. I loved it. It was flashy and I didn't think it was my style. But, once I was able to put it on with my everyday clothes, I fell in love with it. I even played with some different looks, I'm rarely one to dress up or wear makeup but this was fun! 

Information and how to obtain the necklace:
Style:  Art Deco Convertible Statement Necklace 

Don't forget you can shop now for Mother's Day and/or any other occasion; birthday's, anniversary gifts, just-because gifts! 

And, about my Bidi-Bidi-Bom-Bom jewelry dish pictured below:
Handcrafted by Maura Hernandez

The piece can be very versatile and you can dress it up any way you'd like, but I feel you can also wear it in a very casual way! As a busy Momma, I look for fun, easy looks I can run out of the house with whether I am going to work, school events, or just to run errands. See my looks below and let me know which is your favorite? 

One thing I am huge on are unique pieces and fashion jewelry. It's so much fun and much more affordable than most items you find in department stores.  I love the idea of "side hustles" and love to support Momma's who are trying to make it all work! Evelin is definitely a Momma who hustles, so I loved doing this mini-review for her. Chloe and Isabel is also a great company for stay-at-home Momma's extra income options,

And, their tagline speaks volumes... BE CREATIVE. BE CONFIDENT. BE YOU.  I live by this so much! Being Creative is my constant goal, and I feel that the closer you are to your truest self the more confident you become! This to me has all come with age, experience and lots of self-seeking as well as always evaluating my failures.  As I mentioned in my IG post today, failure isn't always a bad word and a lot of my success has come from trial and's life!