37 {By} 37 {Maybe}

1. Take on some exciting and "NEW" challenges as a Mommy...…(Meant getting pregnant again...uhm done... lol. ){2011}

2. Take the GRE

3. Create an actual webpage for my Blogs

4. Personally meet a NEW "woman of FAITH and influence" 

5. Go back to work at the Hospital {Change of plans!}

6. Volunteer at a food bank

7. Become more committed at my church

8. Take an all girls trip…{Kinda..even if I don't take another trip like the one to Detroit..it counts as my all girls trip!} {2011}

9. Chop off all my hair again {2012}- did it again in 2016-2017

10. Have the guts to sing at a Karaoke bar!

11. Take my son to the museum{2012}

12. Take my son to the zoo {2012}

13. Take my son and daughter to San Antonio {2014}

14. Create a play group for Santiago{2012-2013; we have several successful play dates while I was at home.}

15. Attend my husband’s graduation from UH! (Go Coogs!!!) {2012}

16. Have a HUGE celebration for my husband’s graduation{2012}

17. Re-do my computer room into a better study area for Ricardo and creative space for me  Baby room for Camila Isabel{2013}

18. Take Santiago to Swim classes

19. Sign Santiago up for Soccer  {We did...didn't last..he was too little...} {2011} may be this FALL for sure!! 

20. Apply to Grad school

21. Go to Michigan to see my Aunt who is gravely ill{2011}

22. Visit Chicago, IL with my hubby and kids

23. Become a mentor for young Hispanic Women

24. Participate in March of Dimes

25. Get back on Facebook ( Ha. Ha. ha. ) (Didn't last..)

26. Visit my family in Mexico

27. Host a Comadres meeting in my home {they won't come out this far}

28. Participate in a Bible Study class

29. Participate in a Book Club

30. Host an all women’s breakfast, brunch or dinner for a Christian vendor.

31. Start Grad school even if at 37 or after…. 

32. Think about Baby numero Tres? Still thinking... 

33. Create new goals... and a bucket list. 

34. Get a raise and promotion at work. 

35. Get organized and focused. 

36. Take a vacation to a beach alone with my Husband ( not just a road trip) 

37. Bring Sexy back for my 37th... 

Ok SO, originally this was 30 before 30 BUT it's grown...and ongoing...