Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving and NOW Christmas!

SO, I have SO much to do! Not sure if I have already said that but I DO!

It's Monday November 30th ALREADY! We have about 24 days left until Christmas Day!

Some goals for the upcoming weeks:
  • Plan Christmas!
  • Get Christmas tree and Christmas decor up!
  • Buy (maybe) a new TV stand and Buffet.
  • Print pics of Santiago and re-decorate my living room/dinning room/kitchen area.
  • Visit Baby Hailey
  • Plan and go to Santi's first play date (More like old girlfriends cathcing up date)
  • Start thinking about the baby's Baptism.
  • Loose some weight....
  • Get a dress for Ricardo's aunt's wedding.
  • Buy some presents...Christmas(for Santiago), B-day (Ricardo's nephew) and wedding.
  • Start saving for a new camera! YAAAY!
  • Aggghhh wow...and so many more that I am forgetting right now.

We had a really, really good Thanksgiving day and  break and even made it to the RenFest in Magnolia. I have to post some pics soon...

I have been so busy at work that I have not had a chance to think this morning....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day Before Thanksgiving.

So, last night one of my absolute best friends from childhood, whom only a year ago I reconnected with, gave birth to her little angel, Hailey! I am so happy for her and her family. They are so Blessed and so is Miss. Hailey for having such a wonderful little family, her mommy, daddy and big brother Christian!

I think she is like the millionth person to have a baby this year..seems like everyone I know and the women they know got pregnant, had a baby or are pregnant this year! It is amazing, life is amazing and having a child beyond being a true Blessing is truly a miracle. It just sets me back to think that this tiny person has formed in your body and is now a living and breathing human being. The creation of life is just a  complete "awe" factor in my life. I don't think I can ever get over it.

Also this week...Thanksgiving! Tomorrow is the day. Aside from eating that great food that just makes you want to carry a cot around and nap after every meal, is a day to give Thanks. True that we should give Thanks EVERYDAY but happy that we have one day to remind us to just do it. Be Thankful. I know many of us have either lost a loved one, or is in some type of personal turmoil, many lost their jobs and many their homes but I am Thankful for a million and one things today, tomorrow and every day.

I am Thankful for:
My life.
My healthy and beautiful son.
My healthy and wonderful husband.
My healthy and supportive parents.
My healthy and loving siblings.
My own health.
My extended family and their health.
My great girlfriends, wonderful women in Christ.
My job which is reliable.
My home and food that I am able to buy and eat every day.
My ability to sense and live life freely and without limitations!
For everything and everyone presently in my life.

I pray that this week, on this special day we can all be with those whom we love and love us. That our hearts are filled with joy and happiness regardless of the celebration and that you find peace! May God Bless you and your families!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


My Bestie Yvonne went into labor today....we will wait and meet little Miss. Hailey really soon!
I pray that both mommy and baby are safe and healthy....God Bless their journey....


I love Blogging and all that it entails. The more I read and the more I learn it becomes more and more of interest to me. I love it. Therefore I have created this new page I will post here about my lovely and growing family. And my other blog will be used to post random everyday events. I can't wait. I love this setup and theme.