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Friday, November 4, 2016

::Dick's Sporting Goods:: Houston Grand Opening + Giveaway

Dick's Sporting Goods opened their doors in Houston a couple of weeks ago, and this Momma was super excited! Number one, the store is huge with a big selection of great quality items. Number two, their women's workout department is amazing! And, number three... they have a great section with college apparel and more importantly they carry my alma matter the University of Houston. All of these are things that are highly important to me as a Momma who likes to work out and sport her school with true pride!

Dick's opened its doors with lots of great prizes, meet and greets and oh yeah.. taco trucks. The weekend of October 21st, hundreds, if not thousands, of people walked the aisles of Dick's. The store has an impressive layout and I love how everything is sectioned and easy to find. Not only was I excited to do a store walk-through and find new items for my workouts but also, I as a Momma whose kids play sports, knowing that Dick's gives back to youth sporting leagues is an amazing feeling!

Knowing that as parents, as a community we have that kind of support for our children is something that really makes me a Momma fan of the store!

If you have not visited the store and plan on going soon know that the store has 3 main sections; the Field and Stream which appeals to all those who are into the outdoors and hunting. The section after that is a general sporting goods section with a big variety of workout clothing including Carrie Underwoods brand Calia. The final section is Golf Galaxy, which of course caters to all of the avid golf players and then some. So, yes pace yourself and give yourself plenty of time to explore, if you don't have time there are plenty of attendants that can help guide you exactly to what you are looking for.

I visited the Katy location and got to catch Olympian and three-time gold medalist in US Beach Volleyball,  Kerri Walsh Jennings, as she said hello to her fans. One of the neat attractions was a giant Texas flag made of Igloo coolers! Which if you snapped a selfie with the wall then you could potentially walk away with one of the coolers on the last day of grand-opening weekend! Overall the experience at Dick's is a fun one and it's definitely your one stop shop for all things athletic.

Dick's opened 6 new stores here in the Houston area, if you are looking to locate one please see their store link ::HERE:: NOW, are you ready to win a gift card to kick off your shopping spree at the store nearest you? Enter below!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

::Being a Chingona has no age:: What I am teaching my daughter about being a badass + Sew Bonita review!

::Momma of Dos:: All opinions and statements are my own, items in posts have been provided by in order to provide a review. 

Growing up my Momma instilled in us; hard work, a good education and oh yeah being a complete and total bad-ass or Chingona. I grew up knowing that this word was something to be reckoned with. And, it was used often in our home as a sarcastic view on something we had done that we thought we could get away with, like "ah, que chingona me saliste!" HA. HA. HA. My Momma was not one to hide her feelings, she has always been outspoken, strong and independent. We were not taught to be meek or hold back, we were taught to be ourselves, and others had to take it or leave it. Flash forward to 35 years of life, marriage, a college degree, a career and Dos littles. Chingona? 

For sure. 

I had a recent conversation with Elena of Sew Bonita, and it inspired today's post. Completely. We both had very similar views on being a Chingona and where we get our inspiration from...our Momma's. 

What and how am I teaching my 5-year-old to be a Chingona?!  Let's begin. 

1) ::She is Encouraged to be Herself:: I tell Camila that it's ok to be herself. She is a spunky, bright, and very happy child. She loves everyone and isn't scared to be herself. She talks. A lot. Like me. She has always been unique and specific in the way she dresses. She isn't scared to stand out. I encourage this. Because she should be allowed to be herself in a world filled with so many people trying to be like everyone else. She steps outside everyone's comfort zone, especially mine and I have learned to embrace it and let her be. 

2) ::She speaks her mind::  Camila, like many children, is outspoken and truthful. And, although those truths are sometimes embarrassing and painfully true, we encourage it. I want her to always tell others how she feels and what she thinks is right for her. To be bold and speak her mind the way everyone should! Sin pelos en la lengua, and oh trust me this little girl will speak her mind. No matter who you are or where she is. It's scary but freeing as a parent to know that she will one day be able to stand up for herself. 

3) ::No Fear:: I am teaching Camila, that although as a parent, there are many things that frighten me she shouldn't be scared. She should try new things, be adventurous and never give up!  I know there are fears in many aspects of life and sometimes you just have to follow those gut feelings and do those things that scare us. At the end of the day once we have conquered our fears we realize that the only thing standing in the way was our own self-doubt and not really fear.  

4) ::Be Fierce:: I am teaching Camila that it's OK to be girly and strong, and smart and hard working. Being these things come without an age requirement. She can be fierce and stand her ground even at 5 years old. Her presence is known and she makes it known. Like a true Chingona, she lets people know she has arrived, SO MOVE. I love that about her. She sometimes claims to be shy but I quickly encourage her to be herself to stand out from the crowd and lead.

5) ::To be a Leader, even if that means you stand alone:: One thing that always bothers Camila is not having "friends", early on I taught her that she can do anything she wants, even if that means doing it alone. She won't always have friends and with growth and doing great things comes a certain level of "loner status", and that's OK. Camila knows that even although some days its a hard concept for her to grasp. I have had her come home from school and say, "Mom, today I played on the swings all my self and it was fun!" or "Mom, -so&so- said they didn't want to be my friend and I said, good, I don't care." Because in this world she will have to learn that some times no company is better than bad company. 

And, still, Camila is only 5 years old, although she has a long way to go she is still a fun love-able little girl who is slowly forming her own attitude and perception of being a Chingona. I hope to constantly influence her in the right direction! 

About our "Frida is my Homegirl" t-shirt: Special thanks to Elena of Sew Bonita for providing this t-shirt and inspiring this post and mini-photo shoot! You can see all of her latest creations and collections HERE. Also, the t-shirt has very soft and comfortable material, it's in a small and the print is just uber inspiring. We love Frida Khalo in our house, she is the official Mexican Chingona and we are so proud to wear items with her on them and love what she stands for and represents. All of Elena's collections are very telling of being a Chingona in 2016 and I am proud to have collaborated with her.

Come back later in the week to get to know Elena and an exclusive on her connection to the late Selena


Friday, September 16, 2016

::HallYu Cosmetics:: Intro to Korean Beauty Products

Most my post these days begin with "so I turned 35" and it's not because I want to bug anyone or remind people how old I am. The reason is, that 35 unlike 20, 25, & 30, 35 has felt diffident. A little more "laissez-faire" if you will but very focused. I just really want to change certain things about me and my habits, if you read my list of things I plan on doing more  , one  of those items was taking care of my skin.

I have always had several skin issues, numerous prescribed medications and small cosmetic procedures to eliminate acne. At 35 I want to be as natural as possible about my skin and it's healing if you will. I don't want to rely on medication and I know that the foods I eat and drinking more water both have high effects on this. I have started to drink more water, the food, though... let's get back to that later. 

And, just like most things a new collaboration opportunity came up just as I planned to create a new skin regime for myself. Enter HallYu Cosmetics into my life. I am very thankful because they have created a new awareness in me of the importance of regime and taking care of my skin. If you have never heard of them or visited their shop, I highly recommend you do both.

::Welcome to HallYu Cosmetics::
12168 Bellaire Blvd Suite 178, Houston, TX 77072 
(281) 741-7923
"HallYu (한류) is defined as wave of Korean influence spreading globally attributed to the popularity of Korean entertainment and music. Now Korean beauty products are entering the same recognition and popularity by offering amazing, fun products at remarkably reasonable price points. This is where HallYu Cosmetics enters the story........... We as a company strive to bring entire product lines and selectively chosen niche brands directly from South Korea."

The amount of energy and research that has gone into Korean cosmetics and beauty products is evident from the moment you walk in their shop. From the sleek and very clean environment of the shop to the extensive line of products. Everything is just perfect.  Now, for those fashion, beauty, and make-up expert who are obviously knowledgeable about this, none of it may come to you as a surprise. But, for myself, someone who knows, little to nothing about beauty this new world of skin care and products has opened up my eyes to all the wonderful options out there.

I am a full-time outside the home employee, a Momma of two very busy and active children, and a wife/homemaker. My schedule usually runs very tight from as early as 5:30 am (depending on what level of professional I have to look that day) until about midnight or later when my day finally comes to an end. I am also almost always on a very strict budget filled with house and car notes, bills, daycare payments, food and everything in-between. What does this mean? I have very little time and limited resources. When I told Anton, one of the partners at HallYu, that I needed a regimen that was fast, easy and inexpensive; he quickly put his thinking hat on and created one that was perfect for me.

He explained that Korean beauty involves very details steps and that for the most part, the cost has no limit. But, he was also very understanding of who I am and his knowledge catered to my needs as a busy Momma who still wants to look good and improve skin conditions at an inexpensive cost. Because we live in Texas and the weather has many effects on my skin, I also have that factor against me.  But, again the shop is created to cater to all needs, skin type and wallet size which is perfect!

Come back next week when I will explain and share what Anton recommended and how much I am loving it! 

In the mean time visit them online and social media: 

ENTER : mommaofdos 
at checkout for a 20% discount off your first purchase. 
Or in person at their shop:
12168 Bellaire Blvd Suite 178, Houston, TX 77072 
(281) 741-7923