Tuesday, August 23, 2016

::Back to School | In Style:: Yvonne - Guest Houston Latina Blogger

**This is a guest post provided by a fellow Houston Latina Blogger**

School kicked off yesterday and all over you can hear the cries of chaos as parents rush to get everything ready for the new school year.  Everywhere you go you see “Back to School” sales with the promise of saving you money in the most fashionable way. I’m all about the money saving but truth be told when it comes to fashion we become a little limited because Hailey Bear’s school requires her to wear a uniform or we are limited by the “dress code”. Trust me I get the love behind having to follow a dress code – you get to buy a bunch of polo style shirts and dresses, a few khaki/Navy blue pants and you just throw it into a rotating cycle and watch the school days go by!! 

Where is the fun in that? Yes, yes I know mornings are busy and crazy and whether you are a SAHM or a working mom like me, you might feel like you don’t have time for fun and fashion. Unless you make it easy – so hear me out and maybe after a few tricks and tips you can make uniform a little more fashionable.

Hailey hates the standard khaki pants and she also hates stiff jeans (don’t we all?) so I am always on the lookout for jeggings in different colors like these or these from Crazy 8. I also found this color at Crazy 8 and little bear loved them plus they are tons comfortable and really soft.

I do end up buying polo style dresses for Hailey but I also look for an alternative, the catch is that her dresses have to have a collar and sleeves so I was super happy when I came across this little dress at H&M, we also bought it in a black and white plaid like this. Super cute dress and she loved everything about it. 

So, in the end I find just a few pieces that I can put into the rotation of her uniform and make it a little more fun and not so super boring without breaking the rules. I really love buying her plaid button downs when it gets cold out and tights with different patterns for the winter. 

Another quick-tip to making the morning rush just a little bit easier takes a little work beforehand but it helps out a great deal during the weekday rush! I simply split little bear’s closet into two sections on one side I hang all her regular clothes and on the other I hang all her school clothes. This makes it quick and easy to see what I’m working with during the week and it cuts down on hunting down the “school clothes”.

Also as a plus my husband always knows what’s what and where he can find it!

About Yvonne:

I’m just a girl that turned into a wife, momma, and blogger! I live every day knowing that thanks to my Faith I have made it this far and when times get tough it’s easy to lean into Faith but harder still is to know that everyday my Faith carries me forward. Of course with a daily dose of coffee to wake me up and always surrounded by the ones I love, my husband of 7 years, my 19 year old giant and my 6 year old little bear. I also survive by finding peace in my garage with power tools building and creating whatever DIY project comes along the way! My life can get a little crazy but everyday my little family and I make while we run our lives in Faith, with a little bit of coffee and a whole lotta love!

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