Wednesday, June 19, 2019

::38 Birthday Wishes::

Every year I try to do something on social media or my blog for my birthday month.... this month, this year, this life have been hectic... but I wrote out a list of 38 birthday wishes.....

For my 38th year of life, I wish the following...

  1. "Blessings for the best, most in alignment year of life to date." (SO MUCH YES!)
  2. I wish to pick up my Bible more times this year than ever before. 
  3. I wish for my children to be safe, protected, and healthy. 
  4. I wish to be more organized and present as a human being. 
  5. I wish to be a more attentive and responsive as a woman to myself. 
  6. To continue to surround myself with women, and people who are in similar seasons and have similar goals.  
  7. To be a blessing to others. 
  8.  I wish to grow more this new year of life- Emotionally, Spiritually, Mentally and in Strength.
  9. I am wishing for a new renewed sense of self and self-awareness so that I can continuously admit to my mistakes and correct my actions. 
  10. To learn a new skill that will allow me to grow professionally. 
  11. To receive and accept all the new blessings coming in my life. 
  12. To live abundantly in all the things that I need to survive, especially in love. 
  13. I want to wish for further peace; inner and around me. 
  14. I wish to pick-up new mediation habits. 
  15. I wish to be ever present for those people who truly need me. 
  16. To be happy and smile no matter what comes my way. 
  17. To bring peace and joy to others. 
  18. I wish to be strong and uplifting in the hard times. 
  19. I wish to stop complaining about the things, I know I can't change, and take more action. 
  20. I wish for a very healthy year. 
  21. I wish to bring out the best in others and allow them to fulfill their fullest potential! 
  22. To travel more. 
  23. To truly and purposefully rest. 
  24. To finish reading all the books I've started. 
  25. I wish to start doing yoga again and try hot yoga. 
  26. I wish to further recognize the people who have truly made a difference in my life. 
  27. To continue to eat better and take care of ME. 
  28. To take more times out of my day to breathe and reflect and truly be thankful for where I am. 
  29. To advance in my career and be at peace with my career choices and path. 
  30. I want to set bigger goals and new action items for myself. (Can you say America Ninja Warrior, MAYBE.) 
  31. I wish to continue to reach my goals and dream BIGGER every day. 
  32. I wish to build a strong community around me who are growing and successful so that I can grow and succeed with them. 
  33. I wish to do more volunteer work this year. 
  34. I wish to spend more time with friends. Especially friends who I have not seen in a while. 
  35. I wish to be better at managing my money. 
  36. I wish to turn my passion into my biggest asset. 
  37. I wish to find myself and happiness at the same intersection. 
  38. I wish to re-create who I am and thrive..... 

This is 38 ya'll! 

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