Monday, June 25, 2012

{Update Ya' Monday!}

Don't mind if I do!!!

I had a really rough Hubby is in transition from his OLD job to a HOPEFUL and awesome new career!!! SO, he is working. Lots. I dealt the whole weekend without him, no bueno... I know, I can be a little spoiled.

I was already stressed thinking about our Monday and the kids starting DAYCARE!!!! Yes, I know that word sends chills up my spine....BUT we have to trust not only in God that the kids will be ok but in people that they will care for them as if they were their own!

Until now I have been ever so Blessed and my Mother-in-law watches my DOS for me while the Hubby and I head to work every day... but guess what...she needs a little break too, so she went on vacation and it was a PERFECT opportunity for us to explore the world beyond...that and Santi had a Speech evaluation where it was suggested that he should start a Pre-K 3 program , so everything kinda really just fell into perfect always!

Plus, this daycare is Christian based! They have Bible study hour which was my MOST favorite part of it all!

After the morning meltdowns on all parts, yes..this Momma and the Daddy had issues with leaving the kids this morning... everyone had tears in their Ha. But, I think the day will get  better, I checked on them and aside from Santi fighting the teacher on his diaper change, I think we are a GO! Makes this Momma heart happy and excited! My Cambam was doing we thought she would...Santi is a stubborn lil'man and not one to like change very much.. I know he will be ok, it will just take a few days...weeks..or months... ha.


This will be a GREAT week I can feel it!!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012


{This post is part of my Identity Series.... click ::HERE:: for others}

Some months I look back and did I do it? Not because I am "that good" but because I tend to fall apart when I stress out....more so now than ever before...I never really gave it much thought until the last few weeks when I worked long hours and still came home to bathe my children and eat dinner with my family without having a single moment of "BLAH".

Growing up; I never saw myself as a Momma and Wife. I always thought I would have an 8 to 5 job and that, that would be it. I have been working since I was 14 years old with my Momma, cleaning houses.....

These days...I work in an office, outside the home, from about 7:30 am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, I have 2 kids and a Husband that I am responsible for and come home to everyday. I try. Really hard. To leave my everyday "work" at work. Yes, I come home and every once in a while tell my Husband how my day at the office went but honestly once I get home, just like when I get to work in the mornings, I hit the ground running. I talk and think about a million and one other things at home that work.... just gets left behind.

I will admit for years now I have dreamed of being a Stay-at-Home Momma {SAHM}but since that dream has been temporarily placed on the back burner, I tend to think of how good work is for me and how good I can be at work. I don't like to discuss my job here much but lets just say that  I stay VERY busy and do fairly well at "managing" my everyday in the office. I am very proud to be a hard working "young" Hispanic female in a "good position".

Not tooting any horns here but I "work" and then "work" some more... my 8 to 5 job is a Blessing. And, my after hours "job" is an even bigger Blessing. Some Momma's don't like to call being a Momma a "job" because we shouldn't feel like we HAVE to be Momma's but instead we should want to be Momma's...but trust matter how much I want to be a Momma some days..I just have to be. Not because  I don't love my amazing children and Husband but because that's just how life is...right now...

Being an OSHWMOFDOS & WIFE has been a challenge but an amazing ride that I would not trade for the world. Yes, I stress out and wish I could just be a Momma and Wife...but I also think about it and how great I am when I can do both and still manage to think straight. If and when I become a SAHM, I know I will miss leaving every morning to an office, dressing up, having meetings and drinking coffee for no reason but I am sure that if and when that day comes a new routine will fill my day and I may still drink coffee for no reason....I can't promise I will dress up though! Ha.

Being able to have experienced being an OutSide the Home Working Momma of Dos and Wife has been a good heart filling accomplishment for me.  I know that while working  in a "cushion-y" office job that allows me to sit in an air conditioned room in a desk in front of a computer and "do" is fun but I love being at home and would rather spend my days blogging, taking pictures, crafting and watching my kids have super meltdowns and punch one another in the face, it's the Momma in me. I can't wait to be in that stage of my life but for now I embrace where I am and do my best to make the best of it.... one day... I may just be a heart filled day...  

Working outside the home has made me a different breed of Momma. Not better just aware that I am not missing much if I Stay at Home and care for my kids and Husband instead of having a "real world career"...Being a Momma is my if I  get to leave the work world behind..I would probably miss it...but I wouldn't hate my new position... as a true blue SAHM!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{Yellow} Photo Challenge~The Paper Mama

I am loving these photo challenges...
It's amazing how much you find when you are looking for a specific detail... the current photo challenge over at The Paper Mama is "Yellow". 
So, I went on the hunt for "Yellow" and I found it. 
Completely forgot that a YELLOW high chair sits next to my computer and that my Cami is learning to eat on her own and sits there almost EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! 

I hope you like my version of "yellow", subtle but just enough.... 

{Photo Challenge @}

Monday, June 18, 2012

{Ignite the fire}

I think this post was originally going to be about Marriage. 
And, reminding myself to re-ignite the fire that brought us to 13 years later and 2 amazing angels who are sitting behind me crying their eyes out because they don't want to  go to bed.... 

But, today as I drove all I could was lighting the fire under people
Getting them to move. 
Then thought...what about me? 
Reminding myself to shine even when I feel dim! 
To move even when I don't have the energy! 

I have so many Momma goals to work on for this year. 
Some days, like today, are total fails but there is always tomorrow. 
I look forward to tomorrow because I am given a second chance to make today right.... 

Isaiah 40:31

New International Version
31 but those who hope in the Lord
    will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary,
    they will walk and not be faint. 
So, tonight as you close down shop for the evening and unwind to go to bed and start OVER tomorrow...
Think about your passion...
What lights a fire under you everyday?
What is the purpose that brought you to this very place?
and run with it... 
never looking back and allowing God's grace to capture you in this very moment of FIRE

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{TU-TU Giveaway!} ♥ with Erica R.

Yes, I know.  
Nice and dandy for you to show your face MOMMA!

I've been away. TRUST me I miss ya'll!

I am here to announce a giveaway!!!!!

YAY!!!!! Go Momma, it's ya'Birthday!! 
It will be in a few weeks... my 31st to be exact...
and in honor of my day of birth and my BEAUTIFUL Daughter... 
I want to host a GIVEAWAY...AND I CAN!
Cause it's my Birfday...well on the 29th! 
SO, I will announce the winner that day!

What do you get? 
Well since I am a total fan and love all things GIRLY!
I have a newcomer to introduce to you...
Her name is the ever so Lovely Erica R
Who creates over at Lila's Creations! 
I hope you check out her FB and order! 
She is just SO creative and fancy! 
She wants to giveaway a frilly patriotic colored {RED, WHITE & BLUE}TU-TU Dress...
.....tell me if our lil'model Lil'Miss. Jayleen is not ever so adorable in her TU-TU Dress! 

Copyright: Picture Taken at JcPenny Photo Studios {Picture provided by Stanessa R.; Jayleen's Momma}

Copyright: Picture Taken at JcPenny Photo Studios {Picture provided by Stanessa R.; Jayleen's Momma}

How do I enter,you may ask?

You MUST "LIKE" Erica's FB page and then leave a comment and tell her the Momma sent you!!

Then on my Birthday, 
I will enter your name into a hat, yes I said a HAT the good ol'fashion way,  
and randomly select it from the group! 
We will have a winner whom I will announce on my page on JUNE 29th!!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

{Shame on Me}

I know. Momma where have you been? Well let me tell you. May started off amazing, went into a whirlwind of events and ended with an Election! Yes. Between my Husband graduating, work and everything else...I got lost. So lost, I CAN'T BELIEVE it's JUNE!

I will be back in commission for a few weeks then gone again for a few days! My job keeps me extra busy these days. I complain but I love the work....rather than not!

I turn 31 this month.... let me tell you I turned 30 last year and I thought this is a breeze, why freak out? Well buddy, about 6 months ago it hit me... you know that "mid-life" episode of I am how old, I look like what, and I still haven't accomplished THAT! Yes, this Momma has been a mess...Thankfully I have an amazing Husband who is very supportive and what ever it has taken he has been there to help resolve my mid-life meltdown. Then I got so busy with Cami's first birthday fiesta, with his graduation and work that I have been feeling a whole lot better about what the future may or may not bring! Life is good. My house looks horrible..but life is good, HA!

June will be filled with some pretty fun things as well:

My Birthday
Santi will start daycare/school
We want to make-over a couple of rooms in the house
We want to go to San Antonio with the kids
I want to take a cute set of picture of Cami in an outfit I intend to make {HA!}
One of my good friends Casey Love will have her baby shower and then her baby Bella
Father's DAY
And just so much more....

So, lets gets started ya'll June is waiting!!!