Friday, November 30, 2012

{RenFest} Tradiciones

Source: RenFest Website/Logos

Every year we try to attend the Texas Renissance Festival in Todd Mission, Texas, it's about 45 minutes to an hour away from where we live in Houston and it turns into an all day adventure! 

This year we went as a big group; my parents, my Hubby's Sis, Hubby's Brother and Hubby's Mom and my Sis and her son, as well as us and our kids! It was fun. A bit overwhelming at times as there is SO much to do, see and EAT!

Every year I think we get a little better at visiting all the kid friendly areas eating in the same spots and attempting to take it all in!

It's a magical place filled with so many characters it's easy to get drawn into all the fun and activities!

I think it's a nice yearly tradition that we can look back on once the kids are older. I used to go as a child and it's definitely something the entire family can enjoy! If you want to see all the shows and try all the food I suggest you go early and leave after the fireworks! This year we didn't stay until the end, it was too cold, and the kids were tired! But, we had a lot of fun and everyone had a great time!!!

Building lasting traditions is very important to me. I always think back at all the things we used to do as kids with my parents and appreciate that my parents took the time to invest in us in a happy and lasting way! Not just that, no matter how bad things get we always have the good, happy moments that we spent as a family; laughing, sharing hugs and loving one another. 

Warning the post has a picture OVERLOAD!


{THERE ARE MORE PICTURES.....But, some how I ran out of space to post them on Blogger.... so you can click ::HERE:: to see the rest!!! A little upset but will be working on it this weekend!!!!}

Hope you have a great weekend!!! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

{E Creations} Shop Giveaway! ♥

This week is full of new adventures for this Momma! 

Yesterday we had our first ever review...check us out ::here::! 

Today we have a wonderfully creative and talented Momma Team Up 
with a great Momma Shop owner for a giveaway!!! I am so happy to Team Up with Hard Working Crafty Mommas, they totally inspire me! That and I love LOVE supporting Locals!!!

Source: Provided by Liz @ E Creations
Meet Liz!!! {From E Creations}

Source: Provided by Liz @ E Creations

She is one crafty Momma over at E Creations!

Tell me about your shop?  
E Creations started in June 28th 2012.  Been crafting for years though.  
 Slogan: “your imagination is our creation

Source: Provided by Liz @ E Creations

 Why you started your Shop? What inspires you or motivates you?
I have two amazing little girls! My 5 year old from the time she was little loves to dress up in different dresses and costumes, Loves for me to take her pics. My 1 year old as little as she is loves the dresses just as much. I saw theses dresses everywhere but they were so pricey having seven kids total I just could not afford them but my passion for crafts and the love for my kids put a drive in me and I started creating the one of a kind dresses and bows at an affordable price that is not too farfetched for mothers like me that want the beautiful dresses but just did not have the money to afford them. As I started making these dresses I have seen the faces of different little girls and when their face lights up with enjoyment, my heart warms with excitement to see them so happy.

Specials & discounts  being offered right now? Deadline or expiration?
I am giving away a tutu dress to a child in need winner is to be picked by the 1st of December to be shipped by the 15th just in time for Christmas. 
They have to email me their story to and “Like” our Facebook Fan page at

Tell us about your Momma quirks and perks?
I never have a boring moment in my life with seven kids and two dogs, OK make it eight kids with my husband counting as one.  LOL!

Creative Momma  Workstations, where do you craft?
My husband was tired of me using our kitchen table as my “craft table” so he built me one. He painted it pink and white just for me…LOL. I usually sit at the table for about an hour pondering on the colors and materials I am going to use for my next dress or bow for that matter.

 I can understand everything you tell me in Spanish but my Spanish is so…thanks to google translate I am a pro….hehe.

Liz is giving away a bow of choice from her shop you can visit her page to see the awesome and beautiful selection that she has and enter to win!!!!

How to enter:
Readers must be a fan and “like” the Host’s page; ::Momma of Dos:: page and Liz’s page at ::E Creations:: to be entered into the drawing. 

{Participants must be new to E Creations or Momma of Dos; "Like" Momma of Dos then go to Liz’s page and tell her the Momma sent you! 
Tell your Amigas and family to participate as well once Liz reaches 250 readers your name will then be entered in the drawing!!! 
We will select a winner and announce it here!!!} 

Makes for a GREAT gift for any occasion!!!

Connect with Liz:
Source: Provided by Liz @ E Creations

Etsy Shop: Working on Etsy website just opened it
Facebook Fan page: {PLEASE "LIKE"}

Disclosure:This is not a compensated post. However, E Creations is providing an item to giveaway and Momma of Dos is Hosting the giveaway. Momma of Dos will only advertise or promote items that fit in with the beliefs and character of this blog.  If you are found to not be a good fit, your shop will not be posted.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{Developing Language & an Imagination} #hasbro #latism12 #LATISM

Last week the kids and I patiently waited a couple of days while we received our very first package with contents to be reviewed..literally. Ha.

The package arrived before Thanksgiving but with all the hustle and bustle I was unable to open it. But, as we ate breakfast and played with the kids Sunday morning, I decided that we would open the box and see the kids reaction.

So, we opened the box.

This is what came from it:

We received the Baby Alive Baby All Gone doll and the Poppin'Park Learn n'Pop Lion from Hasbro.
Source: Provided by Marketing Representative

(HASBRO/Ages 3 & up/Approx. Retail Price $24.99/Available: Fall 12)
It’s snack time for your BABY ALIVE BABY ALL GONE doll and she’s hungry for strawberry yogurt! Put the yogurt in the spoon and “feed” it to your adorable little baby to watch her “eat” it all up. If baby is still hungry after her snack, she’ll call for her mommy to feed her more with sayings like “Strawberries are yummy!” and “Where did it go?” When it is time for a drink, the BABY ALIVE BABY ALL GONE doll can be fed from her bottle, and her milk will magically      disappear. Since there’s no mess to clean up, you can cuddle and play with your little one right away! Requires 2 “AAA” batteries, included.  Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on}
Source: Provided by Marketing Representative
{LEARN ‘n pop lion
(PLAYSKOOL/Ages 9 months & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Fall ‘12)
This adorable lion is a playful grow-with-me toy that helps little ones develop fine motor skills and learn to count to ten in four different languages – English, Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese. Babies can drop balls into the lion’s belly from the side and push down on the tail to activate music and lights as the colorful balls bounce out of the lion’s belly to encourage chasing. As babies grow, they can feed the balls into the lion’s mouth and hear him count up to ten in four different languages.  Toddler is rewarded with lights and sounds as she counts along! Includes three POPPIN’ PARK balls and an easy-carry handle for on the go fun! Requires two AA batteries, included. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on}

Both Baby All Gone and Learn N'Pop Lion are Bilingual and the kids had so much fun listening to {& learning} everything they said in BOTH Spanish and English. My son was so thrilled for the rest of the afternoon he went around saying... "ENGLISH:ESPAÑOL! HOLA!" when he would switch between the two languages. The Lion counts in Spanish, English and French! Santi is learning his numbers so this is helping to reinforce what he has already learned! Plus he is also learning the numbers in Spanish so again the Lion is a big help in that area!

It's pretty interesting to watch him speak both languages. He has been a late bloomer as far as language goes; plus having to learn two languages has made this milestone a little difficult to reach. His vocabulary is very ample now and with toys that allow for bilingual learning like the ones provided to us from Hasbro, I think he will love learning in both ENGLISH and ESPAÑOL! Ha.

Cami on the other had was quickly transformed. There is something about little girls and baby dolls that just instantly turns them into the most caring little Momma's. Cami spent the rest of the afternoon reading, feeding and changing "her baby". She loves her Baby All Gone doll! And, she too spent the afternoon saying..."pa-tanos", "rico-sh"! Ha. It's been fun! 

Both toys are very much age appropriate and effective learning tools. I think. I would definitely place these items on my children's Christmas wish list. They would also make great gifts for toddlers who are learning to speak and more importantly who are learning both Spanish and English. If you have toddlers who are learning both languages I highly recommend  these toys they are very effective and child safe. I loved them and the kids loved them too.    

Before I had children I never even thought about this type of toy but now that I do, I am in love. Do you know of any good toys that will help your children both learn a second language and develop a good sense of imagination? If so share! I would love to know!

Momma Disclosure: This is not a compensated post. However complimentary Hasbro products were provided through a representative for the purpose of producing this review. The above statements are both my true and honest opinion.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

{On getting Motivated & Inspired} ♥

When I worked in an office outside my home and had a desk to go to every morning; I had little sticky notes around my desk and computer that gave me constant reassurance, motivation and sometimes inspiration on what, how, when and where. At home I have a lot of different areas where my motivation is present but it seems that the place where I spend most my time is lacking it. My at home work station. Or this computer! Ha. Funny, huh?

So, I am working on building my space...not to be confused with "MySpace" does anyone use that anymore...I digress. My personal space and it's inspiration. I want to be happy and motivated while I write as well as inspired to create new items and work in peace on what makes me happy.....

My house is definitely a part of who I am, how I see life and where I want to go. Every room is and will be filled with the things that are unique to my family. The colors, the furniture, the pictures! Everything represents who my family has become and how much we have grown in the last 7 years since the Hubby and I got married!

I plan on building on it everyday and create a place where my family eats, sleeps, creates and dreams! For now here is some progress ::insert mini-house tour here:: Welcome to our home... I don't have a big fancy house with a lot of expensive things or furniture but everything I have put into this house comes from a special place in my heart to make it a home and from a lot of hand-me-down kind of people {especially my Hubby's Dad and my Momma}.

Tour of what makes my little life turn....

This is the space I am currently working to enhance. Ha.

Here is what that space looks like now...still working on a better desk!

 This is my living room:

 View from my hallway...
Glimpse into an unfinished room... my kids room.

Trust me there is  much work to be done in my day we will finish it all..One day.

What makes you remain motivated? What are special places that you wish to enhance for added inspiration?

Monday, November 26, 2012

To Be Thankful ♥

Hello All.

It's Monday!

And, guess what? I survived Thanksgiving.

We were not ready, the day came too soon, but still we made it out alive! And, with lots of great memories that I am more than Thankful for!

The day started off slow and then friends, family, food and laughter overcame our home! It was an amazing time. My kids had too much fun, we ate too much food and we can't wait for it again NEXT year! Ha.

God has definitely Blessed our little family this year in many ways! I know that we should be thankful everyday of the year but I like Thanksgiving in particular and I see it as a day to reflect on the past 11 months and await the next month to end and a NEW year to begin! 2013 will be here before we know it. And, this year I am not only thankful for life itself but for everything good and bad that 2012 brought me. The good always outweighing the bad.

We are ready for a new beginning for a fresh start and Thanksgiving is that link between those two locations...the now and the future. I thank God everyday for the health and safety of my family and the strength and faith that He has rooted in our hearts! We are transformed and Blessed because of Him. This year has proven to be a challenge and only because of Him and His grace have we made it through it all. 

I hope that your Thanksgiving was filled with Blessings, reflections and new beginnings. Here is a little picture re-cap of ours!

Pictures are in no particular order and include our Thanksgiving feast at Santi's school! Enjoy!!

As you can see it was just the right amount of heart, food and holiday cheer! Counting down to Christmas and New Years!

Happy Thanksgiving from Team Gomez!!!