Wednesday, August 21, 2013

{Back-to-School} #staples

{Momma Disclosure: I did not receive compensation for this post but I did receive Staples products in exchange for this review from Staples. The statements below are both my true and honest opinions.}

I still remember it like it was yesterday; the first day of school! Summer vacation is over. You get to see all your friends again and meet all your new teachers. Your stomach is in a knot, your brand new outfit and shoes stand out. The most important part; well at least for me it was, I was a bit of a nerd girl...the backpack filled with school supplies. You remember? The brand new wide ruled notebooks, your trapper-keeper, and of course your number 2 pencils. It was a fun time, these days kids are fully equipped with so many new gadgets and trends and how can they not be with all the new school supplies that Staples carries.

Staples was generous enough to send me samples of all the new gear for heading back to school this year.

I immediately took care of using it all.

Here is what we got:

A. Studio C Neon Zip It Notebook
B. Staples Flexible Calculator {Which is so cute and I am totally taking to work!}
C. Neon Tube Pencil Pouch
D. Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery No-Iron Clothing Labels, 1/2"X1 3/4",24 Pack {LOVE!!!!!}
E. Staples Fashion Portfolios
F. Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Message Board, Petal
G. Staples BETTER binder, Screen Print

Some of the awesome ways that Staples is helping give back as you spend is with the REWARD-A-CLASSROOM program; when parents shop for students they receive rewards for the teach of their choice!

Another deal that I would love to take advantage of is; the Binder Recycle program, you get $2 off a new binder when you bring in your old binder during the back-to-school season!

Staples also offers weekly back-to-school deals, some as low as a penny just check out their weekly add at:


Here is how we used it:

I quickly filled the binder and folder with the kids daily daycare/school work. I filled my pouch with Cami's hair ties, they get lost all the time. I used our Martha Stewart labels on the extra clothes that we send to daycare in case the kids have an accident. The Zip It notebook I used for all the extra Momma business cards that I hand out, and  like I said I will be taking the calculator to work for my daily number crunching. I also set up our nifty bulletin board to start pinning important school work and notes.



My kids are not yet of school age but they do attend a daycare. Organization is key in my house and I am always trying to find useful ways to keep our home under control. Staples helped me with this!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

{Buenos Dias} Mornin'!

When my children wake up. They wake up! Out of bed and into breakfast. 


This morning was a quiet one. 

They had breakfast and I watered my plants. I often forget and I definitely don't have a green thumb but thanks to my Dad and a good friend, today my garden grows. 


What about you? What was are your Saturday mornings about?

Friday, August 2, 2013

{Friday Letters}

Dear Friday, 
why HELLO! So glad you are here!!


Dear Life, 
Thank you for the amazing Blessings that you bring my family and I everyday...we know that at times we treat you bad, we curse you and we even "dislike" you but you know what....we embrace you. We embrace the place we are in right now and even though it's not exactly what we expected, we work hard everyday to reach a new goal and new levels. We are Blessed and we thank you not only for allowing us to grow but for all the amazing opportunities you give us day in and day out to start over....and maybe get things right tomorrow.  

Dear ME, Yes me! 
Don't forget that we are all here for a reason and even though your purpose isn't as clear or as executed as you will come...your day will come. Be strong, keep the faith and MOVE are stronger than most and you have survived a can make it through this.

Dear Hubby, 
It's been a crazy year, soon we will have all kind of celebrations but in advanced....Thank you !! No matter how difficult things have gotten, you put up with my BLAH-NESS and we move forward...together. I don't say it enough..I appreciate you. I love you and I really can't live without you. 

Dear Minions {also known as Cami and Santi}, 
You are the most beautiful Blessings in my life, not sure where my life would be had you not come along. I love you more and more everyday and no matter how much we fight and how many tantrums you throw or how much mess you make or how many times you miss the toilet...I will always love you more than anything ever. Love you Dos. 

Dear Momma Readers, 
In case you missed it... I made a "BIG" announcement this morning.... 

I am officially the newest Contributor for the HOUSTON MOMS BLOG!!!!! If you have not "liked" their Facebook fan page, please do so, SO much FUN to come!!!! The site launches in September so watch for this Momma!!!! I will be sharing more about the group as the month goes by but for now go, PLEASE, and check out HOUSTON MOMS BLOG Facebook page!!!! 


Thursday, August 1, 2013

{Sidetracked} Mes de Agosto


It's August! {Hola Agosto!}

I am excited. I think I have said it a million times today but I honestly believe it; August is going to be a good month

A lot of fun activities scheduled. As everyone prepares to go "back" to school we just have a continuance of the school year. My kids are in daycare and they go to school, ALL the time. I know some kids would probably cringe but it's true, especially since this Momma got a new job back in May. 

Which is why we have been a little {or a lot} sidetracked. 

I mean between just now getting back on a schedule or routine again, all the daycare adjustments and work training; it's been hectic. Oh and did I mention the sicks? In July we were sick. All of us, for a while. I think we are finally back on track though. 

Which is difficult considering that for a while now I have not been one to follow strict schedules and routines simply because the organized chaos works best for us. I know that children need some structure and believe me we have structure, we just don't like to get stuck in the same routine or schedule everyday...I think it's my un-diagnosed ADHD. I can't sit still and I can't do the same thing over and over. I have tried. And, really I have been there and done that, and for some reason since I had the kids the less scheduling the better and things just seem to fall into place for us. Not saying we don't plan anything because we do but we just don't plan everything. 

What was I saying? You see sidetracked. 

It happens that quick. But, August will be my month to regain some control, some structure and some scheduling. I am exited, and happy. Cause, have I told you? I have a big announcement tomorrow. I can't wait! Agh! 

HOPE  YOU WILL JOIN ME, OH AND TELL YOUR AMIGAS {&AMIGOS} ABOUT IT. It's going to be fun! And, if you don't follow us PLEASE DO: