Friday, June 26, 2015

::Traveling Texas with Toddlers:: ..... Part 2

On our 4th day in the Valley we made plans to leave McAllen and head to South Padre Island. We have visited the island in the last two years but never stayed the night. This year we decided we would make a nice stop here and explore. We did. We didn't regret it. There was so much to do, we have decided that next year, we need to stay an entire week. It's really worth it. If you plan correctly, you can really divide your time between the beach and an activity, daily. 

I don't know how it happened but my children are some type of hippie beach loving kids, here I am a true hermit. They really do take me out of my comfort zone and into a place of peace. As crazy as that may sound, but it's who we are. Crazy. Regardless of the chaos, we manage to find peace. Just us four, taking it all in. Embracing the moment and loving life. My Husband is the outdoors loving person that I am not. I love that we are so different, we do things that we probably wouldn't do if he didn't push us. 

One of the best things that happened the first day, we went to a souvenir shop for some shirts and sunscreen. The attendant gave us 2 boogie boards with our purchase. Best beach accessory ever. The kids spent the whole time trying to conquer the waves. They had so much fun. They showed their determination and courage. Especially Camila. My little free spirit. Santiago was so happy he took time to mediate on the beach. The first night was great. 

I don't know how or when it happened but by the end of our trip I realized how big my kids have gotten.... 

I cry a little. It's scary that time can just fly by. It makes you want to make time stand still.... 

Day 4-Day 6
::McAllen, TX to South Padre Island, TX::

::South Padre Island, TX::
Monday Night-Wednesday Morning
Monday night- Beach

Tuesday Morning-
Day 5 
Sea Turtle, Inc.

On our 2nd day on the beach we woke up early had breakfast in our hotel and then headed out for the days adventure. And, boy oh boy did we have an adventure! 

In the morning we visited Sea Turtle Inc. A hospital and conservatory on the island. We learned so much about sea turtles from their birth on the beach to their extinction. It really inspires you to try and help preserve not only the sea turtles but all animals. They are so amazing. How they birth and survive is just a true creation from up above. To know that people dedicate their entire lives to study, learn and wholeheartedly help these creatures is very impressive. 

The admission is on a donation basis, they have a suggest donation. Very affordable. They have a cute little gift shop filled with turtle goodies. We walked around saw some of their open tanks with some of their more recent rescues. Then they gave two small presentation, the first one led by the Executive Director, he was so knowledgeable and you can tell he loves his job. The second was given by one of the Summer Interns for the children, it involved a very elaborate puppet show and participation by the kids. It was a nice experience. The kids loved it. Then they got to feed the hospital's largest turtle; Gerry

This was a great activity for the entire family, very affordable and informative. I recommend going. 


To be continued! I still have more to share...don't miss the rest of the recap next week!!! 

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A ::Latin Twist:: Recap + Giveaway!

So, you want to a host a nice little get together but you don't know what your fancy and fun guest will sip on? ::Insert Latin Twist Recipe book here::

I actually had the absolute honor of meeting both of the Authors here in Houston this month. I have known Vianney for some time now, through social media and our blogs. I have always been a fan. Now I know Yvette and am also a true fan. 

Their book is so beautiful and filled with vibrant colors that just bring their drinks to life. I loved the Introduction and the beautiful anecdotes shared by the ladies, both of Mexican decent. As a young Mexican-American, I can relate to their up bringing. Fun nights filled with family, food and drinks for the adults. As they stated these days we are the adults and now I know why our parents drank, HA. For the wonderful flavors, of course! And, all of the great memory making moments. 

Latin Twist has a wonderful flow from the traditional Spicy Infused Tequila of Mexico  to the very sophisticated Sangria's of Spain. The book gives you a wonderful tour through the taste of Latin American countries. The recipes are very easy and make me want to have a get-together right now!

Not only can you win a book of  your own to re-create the tasty drinks but you also have time to meet these beautiful ladies, their book tour continues through July you can see their dates here: LATIN TWIST BOOK TOUR DATES.

The book launch/signing here in Houston was so much fun. The location was a fairly new boutique called, Thinking Girls by Alicia Boutique and Studio. Her setup there was perfect. So chic and cozy for the Authors to serve up their awesome drinks. Of which I had a couple. It was a perfect opportunity to catch up with local bloggers and of course check out all of the great goodies in the store {entirely different post all-together}.

These great pictures are from a local Artist as well, if you have not realized it yet, I love LOCAL. Local Latinos, Local locations, Local Blogger, Local is my new passion. Alex is a creative person with a unique vision. 

::Photo credit- all picture taken by Alex Montoya of Houston- D'Mont Photography::

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

::Traveling Texas with Toddlers:: South Texas that is.... {Part 1}

This Summer we had a semi-planned trip to South Texas. Our first big road trip of the year. I finally sat down to edit our pictures and write our re-cap! 

Day 1- Day 3
::Houston,TX  to McAllen, TX::

Honestly, we loved our trip it was a great South Texas experience and we know that we can make it better every year to come. The main reason we planned the trip the first weekend in June was to be a part of my nieces birthday. We celebrated with Emma and basically visited with family that we had not seen in a year for about 2 days or so.

I grew up very close to my cousins in Reynosa. We visited them months at time, 2 to 3 times a year when we didn't live in the Valley. I want my children to have that same closeness with my loved ones. The same sense of family and love. The same innocent childhood that we all deserve.

On Sunday my parents were leaving us, we had breakfast with them in McAllen finding a lot of good snack and food places! Camila even got to see a lot of QuinceaƱera dresses. Her favorites. Something that really makes me happy. A tradition that will not end with my generation. My parents left soon after our morning in McAllen, they came back home to Houston. So, we headed over to the South Texas Museum of History, we found it through a brochure at our hotel.

::Edinburg, TX ::
South Texas Museum of History

The museum was a wonderful exhibit from the moment you open the door! 

We transformed from Vaqueros to Conquistadores. We learned about our ancestors and how Mexico evolved from Tejas to Texas. The wars, the hardships, and everything in between. Mexico History, Texas History and so much more. Every corner of the museum held a new treasure of  interactive information. It kept the kids entertained and I honestly loved it. Every hallway elaborately and colorfully describing Texas History. Made us wish we lived in the Valley and could go to all of the events! They have so many great ones going on this Summer, make sure you check out their website. 

We loved the hands on, and narratives. Definitely a hidden treasure of the valley. I had no clue we had this museum so glad we found it. My kids truly embraced it all and took it one bit of brain developing information at a time. If you have children of any age, or not, and you are in South Texas, I highly you encourage you to visit this museum. 

Day 4-Day 6
::McAllen, TX to South Padre Island, TX::

::San Juan, TX::
Basilica de San Juan del Valle

Part of learning where I grew up and where we come from, has a lot to do with my faith. Being Catholic is something that I feel I haven't taken lightly. I want to instill in my children our faith, our culture and what it all means. I know that by exposing them early on to all of this will help them not only form their own beliefs but shape their future decisions. Even if they don't decide to continue in the religion, I hope that they would at least make informed decisions about what they want to believe in. 

San Juan is a church I grew up going to. The Miracle room is my favorite. The altar is amazing. My life is forever deepened in what I want for my family. I pray. I do. God knows us well. 

Oh and it wouldn't be a vacation without a little tantrum action... yep. We have those moments. We are real. We are not perfect. They ran and cried outside the church. Nice. I know.

To be Continued......