Momma of Dos: Format Please!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Format Please!

So, we all know that I can be very, very scatter brained! Therefore in order for me to write and have some order in what I write I will give this blog a format!

Keep in mind somedays may be random but in an effort to have some organization I will try my absolute best to follow what I have established.

So, here we go:
  • Monday~Not Again Monday! (Updates about the weekend and Monday morning rush!)
  • Tuesday~Fatty Boy Tuesdays: (Updates about my son and husband, I love the name and my son and husband! )
  • Wednesday~Praise and Worship Wednesdays~ (Updates on my spirituality, Religion, Faith and GOD in my much going on inside.)
  • Thursday~Are we there yet Thursdays? (Updates on my week as a whole and plans for the weekend.)
  • Friday~ Thank GOD it's Friday!! (Updates about ME!!! What I have going on, how I feel, where I am going, what I am thinking...and then some)
  • Sunday~ Church /Family Day Sundays.....(nuff said)
I will start this next week....

I also have some catching up to do..I want to do a month by month run down and update of where my son is and how fast he is growing! While I was pregnant I wrote a month to month letter or memo to him I have to find a creative way to put these letters in a Scrapbook.

I also want to include different projects that I complete in this blog so look forward to those. Can someone pay me to do this cause I love it! :D

Here is a picture of my son from his first Halloween...which YES  I also have to catch up on "firsts" he has had his 1st Halloween and his 1st Thanksgiving...

Santiago Isaias at only 6 weeks (October 31st, 2009) with his Aunite Danielle his 1st Halloween!
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