Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Again Monday!

Well, this weekend was fun,  busy like every weekend has been for a couple of weeks now.
I worked Saturday and then we had family events to go to.

Sunday was awesome; we had our Family Sunday and attended mass with Santiago. It was a fun and overwhelming experience... but thankfully BOTH grandmothers were there... it was good. I am not sure yet how I will handle it when we start going alone..what I did learn is that I tend to OVER carry thing but I will learn. The Infant Chapel at church was filled with unruly children and despite that I think Ricardo and I were able to enjoy both the message and the company. I hope that gets better, we really need mass these days.

In all the weekend was BUSY no other word to describe it.

And now Monday...what can I say....IT'S MONDAY! Chaos reigns and hopefully the week will settle and I can get organized and be more productive this week. I don't want to finish the year with clutter; in my life, at work, or at home.

We will see.

From our Thursday to do list we got everything done except:
  • Rest in and clean our house.
  • Finish decorating my house.
  • We will definitely not have money to buy presents this year...but God will make a way.
So, we must work on these and probably add to it... I have to finish sending my Christmas cards out and I have already thought of what the baby and I will wear to the wedding this weekend.

Agghhh. Just so much.

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