Friday, January 8, 2010

Thank GOD it's Friday!!

Notice how I start my weeks with one exclamation point and end it with 2!! Haha. I think it's like that for most people, you start the week going..ehh it's Monday, boo...and by Friday you are soo hyped that the weekend is here there is no way to hide the excitement!! And it's all about WOOOOHOOOOO!! IT'S FRIDAY!


My weekend promises to be busy which some weekends is awesome..I am somewhat of a busy body... and love doing just about anything! My husband on the other hand hates it! But you win some you loose some...I think.

Plans for the weekend:

SATURDAY-My little sister has her first showering of gifts and Blessings for her little one...if I haven't mentioned how much it means to me...I will! :D Here is a little something about her :
• Also Saturday-my nephews Birthday. Seems like some weekend are just jam packed!
• Sunday- church and then dinner with friends... hubby and are cooking...
• I also want to catch up on posting my son's pictures on Facebook and getting some onto Shutterfly to print.
• Somewhere in there I have to buy some presents; one for my little hamster (my sisters baby) and another for my nephew.
• I also want to finish cleaning my house and organizing myself.
• I ALSO want to start working on some baby shower items for my sisters baby shower given my mom and myself! :D
• SO MANY OTHER THINGS! Like sleeping and eating that are also a must..but we will see!!! :D

This week has indeed been hectic but soon enough we will have some nice little down time! Then what will I do with myself! It feels a bit overwhelming but I love the rush and when it's all done looking back and going..”I did that!”, is a great accomplishment.

I feel really good about this year and I know I have said that almost every day this doesn't hurt to remind ourselves that nothing is as bad or as serious as it seems and that yes there is always going to be better days but trust me in the end GOD WILL FIND A WAY! He will!

I have so many new motto's, new Blessings, new people in my life, and just soo much to look forward to in 2010. I still have not worked on my "New Year’s Resolution" as promised I want a NEW LIFE resolution! I am working on it, thinking about it and checking my list more than TWICE!

Have a great weekend and hope you enjoy this blog and my old....comment!!! I love to hear that you agree or DISAGREE with me! :D

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