Friday, February 19, 2010

Are we there yet Thursdays? & Thank GOD it's Friday!!

I think I will have to start combing these two because it seems like by Wednesday my week has already gotten out of control. I tend to loose track of time by Thursday and ALWAYS forget to post! Haha. This week has been seemingly more difficult than others. I have been trying to keep up with this Blog plus give focused and substantial "Fast" blogs on my Awesome Journey Blog.

But, none the less here we are...FRIDAY! Thank GOD!!! We like every weekend...HAVE PLANS! We just never seem to rest!


• Pick up CAKE for Suzzie's (My God-Daughter and Cousin's child) Bday party

• Go to Suzzie's 5TH BDAY! Time sure does FLY.....(I think this will be Santiago's 2nd Children's party..but really his first...if that makes sense...Ha.



• Go to Noemi and Karla's B-Day party, my husband's nieces...they turn 4 and 7 I believe... :D

In between all this we must finish cleaning our house, organize Santi's room...

I must MUST organize my computer room

I MUST catch up on my "Fast" Blog!

And ohh yeah....Eat, Sleep, and Breath!

Have a wonderful weekend....Houston is suppose to be a rainy and cold mess but we will see...we just never know! :D

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