Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fatty Boy Tuesday:

This is a bit overdue and Santiago will be 5 months in only 7 days but still better late than NEVER!

Month 4:

It is impossible to put into words the feeling, the rewards and happiness that come with meeting and being with your baby every day. It’s SO true that EVERYTHING changes after you have a baby. For me that everything has become Santiago, I am consumed EVERYDAY more and more by him! I love how he is developing into his only little chunky piece of sunshine! He loves to smile and “talk”. He is very active when awake and a sound sleeper when asleep. He loves to explore and play with his toes, has learned to grab and can almost hold his own bottle. I THINK by next month he should be doing a lot on his own. His next doctors visit is Jan. 19th, we will get a weight and height update and a possible upgrade on his feeding…some cereals! Note to husband: NOT Fruit Loops and Cocoa Puffs. In all this month has been filled with a lot of “oooohhhh look look look!” and “OMG!!!! COME SEE THIS!” He has developed awesome arm and leg strength and just continues to evolve as an intelligent little person! He very much knows who will do what for him and at what cost. We are now in the danger zone of not with mommy…so let’s try daddy…and one of us always caves in…spoiling this child is not an option….he will be very disappointed once baby number 2 happens. He has a semi-routine; I say semi-routine because I have learned to agree to disagree with the Pedi. Now I know he went to school 6 years longer than I did and that he may well be a father of 3 but MOTHER really does know best. He wanted me to give Santiago a “routine” and put him to bed in his own room, but that turned out to be not only a difficult and heartbreaking situations but just NEARLY impossible. He was crying night after night and I was so exhausted with getting used to my own routine that getting him fed, a bath, story time, prayer and into bed was just too overwhelming! Well after 4 months, we are now in a semi-routine; feeding, bath, more feeding, maybe a book or TV or some type of strenuous activity that will wear him out, prayer, and then bed. He also started “walking” in his walker, though they are not at all recommended by doctors, due to safety hazards he loves it! He is not easily entertained though and in order for him to be as happy as can be things, situations and people must constantly change to please him. NO joke. He is what you could call… high maintenance but I suspect that most babies are. He is indeed a VERY VERY HAPPY BABY. He hates for you to clip his nails and has given himself a couple of signature scars on his nose. He loves, loves to take baths. And, I am sure that I have forgotten something but it will hopefully come to me later. In all we are more, more than happy we are in Love with the Love of our lives and could NOT ask for anything more!




  • Recouping from going back to work…. YES still.

  • Hair loss, I am going bald, almost completely.

  • Dealing with my body and its flabby skin…belly and boobs

  • Dealing with my fluctuating weight

  • Being exhausted and wanting to just spend soo much time with the baby.

  • Time management

  • Teething; drooling and pain

  • Hair loss; he has his own little receding hair line

  • Sleep pattern; He is still NOT sleeping through the night and some nights are better than others. I refuse to let him cry throughout the night.

  • Getting him out of the tub! He loves to bathe!
After his visit on Jan 19th-
Height: 26 ½ Inches—90th percentile for his age

Weight: 16.5 lbs—75th percentile for his age

Next doctor’s visit: at 6 months

What to look forward to: This month Santiago not only further developed his motor skills but also his social skills. He loves to “talk” and is fascinated by his father. He has learned new games and LOVES to smile he is the light that brightens up my heart and the fills the room with joy! This month we discovered that he can sit up, stand up and walk (assisted). He loves his jumper and his bouncer as long as lights, bells and whistles are going off. He loves to watch TV and explore new books, he is very, very attracted by colors and loves to hear mommy's hands clap and daddy game of "slap"…YES slap him from head to toes, very gently but trust me Santiago is all boy. He plays this, along with several other overly dramatic and characteristic games that if I told you my husband would die of embarrassment. Let’s just say his imagination has definitely evolved with the arrival of Santiago as he attempts to amaze him everyday more and more so that he can see those beautiful big dark brown eyes twinkle and that toothless smile every minute of every hour of everyday!

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