Momma of Dos: Are we there yet Thursdays?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Are we there yet Thursdays?

So. Wow, It's Thursday! Time flies when you're having fun..Ha.

Only 10 days until Ricardo's internship begins.

I have created a new mini-blog to express myself and share:
Should be fun..I was testing it out yesterday...lots of fun...oh yes by the's in Spanish! One more thing I want to work on this summer.

I have been very busy at home and work with Ricardo in his last 2 weeks of school our house smells of chaos, not a big deal just a bit exhausting. No problem nothing a couple of deep breaths and a reminder of our Higher purpose to get things on a roll!

I have several things that I want to work on this Summer:

A garage sale on June 5th.
• Clean out my garage for the garage sale on June 5th.
• Re-Decorate my house... new pics, new colors, something more family like! Any IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME...look for me on
• I am working on a present for my dear friend Yvonne, who I have not seen in a while so it's still in the works...
• I want to make a couple of things for the boys (Santi and Olin); like more matching shirts and cute costumes for Halloween...
• I want to visit the Children's Museum and Houston Zoo with Santiago hopefully before Ricardo leaves in uhm 10 days.
• We have our first  Family photo shoot in about 8 days, can't wait for that!!!!! Really! Check out the photographer :  
• I am also working on a research project with my friend..more to come on that...
• I also want to read more, SCRAPBOOK more, learn something Photoshop and maybe exercise more this summer!
• I also have to plan Santiago's 1st Birthday for September and his Baptism probably around the same time.

Is this too much for the next 3 months?!

We will also be visiting Daddy in Mississippi and Uncle Jess and Aunt Becky in Destin, FL! Sounds like the Summer will be over before we know it!
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