Thursday, May 6, 2010

Are we there yet Thursdays?

So. Wow, It's Thursday! Time flies when you're having fun..Ha.

Only 10 days until Ricardo's internship begins.

I have created a new mini-blog to express myself and share:
Should be fun..I was testing it out yesterday...lots of fun...oh yes by the's in Spanish! One more thing I want to work on this summer.

I have been very busy at home and work with Ricardo in his last 2 weeks of school our house smells of chaos, not a big deal just a bit exhausting. No problem nothing a couple of deep breaths and a reminder of our Higher purpose to get things on a roll!

I have several things that I want to work on this Summer:

A garage sale on June 5th.
• Clean out my garage for the garage sale on June 5th.
• Re-Decorate my house... new pics, new colors, something more family like! Any IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME...look for me on
• I am working on a present for my dear friend Yvonne, who I have not seen in a while so it's still in the works...
• I want to make a couple of things for the boys (Santi and Olin); like more matching shirts and cute costumes for Halloween...
• I want to visit the Children's Museum and Houston Zoo with Santiago hopefully before Ricardo leaves in uhm 10 days.
• We have our first  Family photo shoot in about 8 days, can't wait for that!!!!! Really! Check out the photographer :  
• I am also working on a research project with my friend..more to come on that...
• I also want to read more, SCRAPBOOK more, learn something Photoshop and maybe exercise more this summer!
• I also have to plan Santiago's 1st Birthday for September and his Baptism probably around the same time.

Is this too much for the next 3 months?!

We will also be visiting Daddy in Mississippi and Uncle Jess and Aunt Becky in Destin, FL! Sounds like the Summer will be over before we know it!

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Dã Quỳ said...

hic hic ...You're still thinking of re-decorate your house. I am not even decorate anything yet .....

I am planning lots of things for summer too. Don't know if we can do it all. Let's see.