Monday, July 19, 2010

Connie's Almost Extreme Home Make Over! (Segunda Parte)

And...these are from this Summer.

Notice Santiago's play area on the floor in one picture, my dad's rear in another, Haha, my uncle taking instructions (my dad and my uncle painted), the horrible lighting in my house and my pooooor picture taking skills! Hahaha. 

My house is really not that big but I do what I can! And I love it.

There are also several areas that I am still working you will see in the half finished picture frame collage of Santiago. It's difficult to get it all done with Santi wrapped around my leg, arm, neck and hip; NO not all at once, Haha. Slowly but surely  I will finish it and update you guys...

Santiago though is my very own personal inspector!

He hates the sunburst mirror over the fireplace and LOVES the pictures of himself on the wall and he also loves the wedding picture of his Daddy...cause he could care less about me when he's around, HAHAHA! He also LOVES his bathroom, he LOVES to bathe, he LOVES water and he Loves his Monkey Friends!

I LOVE it all!!!   

Summer 2010 Before
Summer 2010 After

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Casey Ayala (DreamTree Photography) said...

Wow! Connie, HUGE difference! I love it!!! Awesome job!