Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Review!

Hello All!

As you all know, my husband was here this weekend and I just have SO many little items to check off on my imaginary my mind! Ha.

First off, my husband told me so many times this about it. HAHA. Which I thought was hilarious. He's not the up to date tech-y person he should be, up until about a year ago; he hated emailing, the Internet as a whole and didn't understand texting! He still struggles with it but with his new Internship he's had to deal with it and I think he likes it! Is even contemplating FACEBOOK! All I can say is wow! Ha.

On another note...he was here this weekend, we had an awesome time and FOR SOME odd reason, my camera never came out of it's bag! I guess we have spent so little time together this Summer that I couldn't waste any time being distracted. Don't get me wrong, I LOOVE pictures but this weekend...I wanted all my memories to myself! Sorry if I am being selfish. It's hard being away from my husband as it is and I just felt like I didn't want to share him with anyone other than my little man, Santi. And, like I said we had a GREAT weekend! A little rain but all else was perfect! He comes back Thursday! Thank God.

So, let me write down my metal "to do" list before I forget:

  • Want to post before and after pictures of my house
  • Want to post Santiago's 10 month update and some pictures of him
  • Want to discuss the "5 minute showers", per my husband's suggestion
  • Want to discuss my little hobby workstation, that I set up last night
And I may have a "New Addition to the Family"! Very VERY soon!!!

So, I am excited!!!!

In the mean time....tell me about your weekend!?


Casey Ayala (DreamTree Photography) said...

Ricardo, add me on facebook!!! LOL

Connie Leon said...

OK...You should know this with a Machining Hubby....BUT Ricardo couldn't stand (or didn't fully comprehend!) office work, office politics and he gets it and like I said...that will be the funniest day ever! OMG. I would die laughing Casey! LOL.