Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Something disappointing happen to me last night. It was so "colossal", I slept all afternoon.

Maybe I am over exaggerating. But, for whatever reason, I was unable to start a class that I really wanted to join at my church. I may still be able to but in all the situation taught me something.  And this song added to my lesson.

It just made me realize that sometimes; I don't need to do ANYTHING else other than pour my heart out to the Lord and He will be there.

That's where I am now....pouring...and alone....."beautiful the mess we are..."

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School!

My hubby that is.... I wish him all the luck and I pray that he has the best semester ever.....

I wanted to share my "first day at college" story [GO COOGS!]. I heard some, "first day" stories on the radio this morning and thought it would be fun to share. And remember.

When I decided over 10 years ago [ YES, 10 YEARS AGO] to leave the small town of Mission and come to Houston to attend college; I didn't know what would happen or how things would play out. 11 years later, I am so Blessed

My story was; I went "away" to college. But, I came to Houston with my entire family. You see, we grew up between Houston and South Texas, so we had family here. Around the time when I graduated High School my family was ready for a change. We came here at the end of July and I was set to start school in August. 

Before this my cousin thought it might be a great idea for me to "meet people" (i.e. Ricardo, my now HUBBY) SO prior to starting school he decided, we would go on a double date. Get me acquainted with the city and ready to start school! Little did we know that the night we went out would be the same night I wanted to go back home, only 2 weeks after arriving in Houston. 

That day; I had gone to school, completed registration, financial aid, transportation arrangements, and so on. Well I had just gotten a new purse and stuffed it with all my paperwork, wallet with my new college I.D., and even had a camera that I had taken Senior pictures with but had a couple more left on it. I know how dumb this is, NOW. But, it would be the same purse that I took with me that night when we went out. 

Well my cousin, his then girlfriend now wife with three beautiful children, and Ricardo arrived to pick me up. We went out to dance and then dinner. Little did we know that at dinner, Ricardo's dad's white pick up truck would be broken into. [His dad JUST recently got rid of that truck, now he is sporting a new Toyota Tundra in Metallic Blue! Huge upgrade!] Completely beat up with a bat and our belongings GONE. Yes, after only 2 weeks in Houston as an "adult" my things were stolen. I was scared and devastated; the next day I wanted to pack up and go home! No joke. Certain that THIS would NEVER had happen had I been back home!? 

I started college, upset. Mad that I had lost all of my High School memories. Now thinking back. That's what college is about. Letting go of your "childhood" and entering a new life, a new season and moving forward! 

I thank God for the last 11 years and I thank Him for that night.....had it not been for that experience, I am not sure when I would have realized that I wasn't in "Kansas" anymore and that life would be VERY different from that point on. That I needed to get over it and grow up

I think I did, "get over it" and "grow up" and I hope that all those "kiddos" starting school; whether it's Pre-K, Kinder, Junior High, High School, or college, HAVE A GREAT EXPERIENCE and learn from everyone [mistakes and accomplishments] and everything around them [the world is MUCH bigger than you think]! 

Take it all in it doesn't last forever there is a real world out there waiting for you and Love your teachers they have been there and done that!  

Monday, August 16, 2010

Almost a ONE year old! {Count down to ONE!}

Month 11~ YES!!!! MONTH 11~ August 16, 2010

And still I sit before him in awe;
his little chunky hands grabbing at floating toys in the tub, his little round body like a buoy in the water.

I love him.

Him being in my life,
 captivates my heart every time.
The thought that something could ever happen to him kills me...
but I trust.

I trust the Lord that He has a hold on us.
That He has His arms wrapped around us and that He will never allow us to be without
His Love, His protection, His GRACE!


He is so.....
Such a BOY!

I am not just saying this because he is my son, ok maybe I am, but he is simply the most adorable and lovable little man you could ever meet.

I can't help but fall in LOVE with him EVERY time our eyes meet!

I know I am a little bias.

He IS incredibly smart for an 11 month old (ha. I know we all say this BUT IT'S TRUE!)

Talks~Banana and Aqua along with Mama
LOVES Shrek!
Eats anything you give him
Loves WATER,
playing in and drinking it..not from the same place though, HA.  
Loves people
Wants to walk!
Thinks he's a big kid!
Loves his family
Wears pajamas
HATES shoes
Loves the OUTDOORS
is a Ladies man...already. Ha.

Chunky toes
Michelin man arms and legs
Fat belly

He is my little man!
He is my little Angel!

Thank You God for allowing me to care for one of your tiny Angels. For trusting me with him and for allowing him to fill my heart in places where no else had filled. Thank You God.

This month Santiago continues to develop, continues to give us and show us pure love, he continues to be our little miracle, our little Blessing. He is the best gift from God.

In a month..
he will be ONE!
he will have his FIRST Birthday Party.
he will have lived through so much in only 1 year!
he will be closer to becoming a running, talking, and crazy little man!
he will be closer to being baptized.
he will start a whole new year of exploring, growing, developing, learning, loving, meeting, being Blessed...

A whole NEW year!
{Tears of happiness, joy, love, from the heart, Blessings, LOVE fill my eyes.}
Can you believe's been a year....THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF THIS YEAR. 
Thank you for Blessing us...with your love, your friendship, your hugs, your kisses, your gifts, THANK YOU. May God Bless you all! 

now...planning....AHHHHHH only ONE MONTH LEFT! 
[Runs around like a chicken with her head cut off!] 

Friday, August 6, 2010



So we are on vacation as of today!

I am sure I will have plenty of FUN and NEW things to tell you about when we get back!

I don't have a laptop! I know, can you believe that? But, I have LOTS of journals/notebooks and fun colored pens!

So,  while we are up, up and away.... enjoy some of our oldies but goodies!


My VERY first Blog Post on my Wordpress Blog

Finding out I was pregnant

Telling everyone I was pregnant

My angry Uterus

Getting down to the nitty-gritty

Long awaited; Santiago's Birth Story

My VERY first Post on my Blogger!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My last weekend of Mother/Son alone time!

I REALLY, REALLY enjoyed my time with Santiago these last 81 days (YES YES YES 81 DAYS!!!) all this MOMMY/SON attention was BEAUTIFULLY amazing! God sent, for ab-so-lu-tely SURE

We will now be Blessed to share our time of love and everyday activities with Daddy! YAAAAY! (You have no idea, how big of a YAAY this is!) He has a lot of catching up to do with us, a lot of schedule changing to adjust to and MANY, MANY hours of love, hugs, and kisses to catch up on!

I can't wait to see Ricardo and to simply be in his presence everyday from now on (just don't tell him that..he gets a really, REALLY big head! Ha. Ah. What the heck...he's been away for so long we can let him have this one!)...Ricardo and I have been together for 11 years and in those 11 years we had NEVER, NEVER been away from each other more than a couple of weeks at a time and only for about a month or so at a time... So it's, to say the least, that the last 3 months have been, uhm, difficult, for both of us!(And of course our lil'bitty Lally, who really has no idea when we come and go but LOVES being around us!)  

Not to mention all the fears I had to overcome to get here, all the struggles that these last 3 months brought us and all the UGHS and AAAAAAAAHS I just had to bear with alone!

I didn't want to be negative but that's what life is about...the GRAND and the not so lovely, puh-weey ::POUTS:: moments!

The last 81 dyas have been both UP and down; sad and HAPPY, lonely and LOVED, Frustrating and upsetting, BUT MOST EVERYDAY...a smile, AND DEFINITELY EVERYDAY a BLESSING!

Always appreciative of this experience.Thankful of Ricardo's Internship, which helped pay bills this summer. An awesome reminder as to why God never allowed me to live alone, I couldn't handle it....I am after all a people person! Grateful that HE allowed me to, at this point in my life, experience "being", "living", "seeing" like a "single mom" (kinda-sorta)but simply Blessing me as a Wife and Mommy to One!

There are few who have been there the last 81 days...if you were THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, if not, NO WORRIES, God knows why and I can't keep you from being a Blessing for someone else, who needs it more than me!! That plus I COMPLETELY understand...we all have our lives, our own problems and our own 81 days to take care of....truly NO WORRIES,THANK YOU always!



On our last weekend together Santiago and I; slept in, went to the park, cleaned up, went to a Birthday party, enjoyed long naps, watched Shrek like a million times (he likes this movie!), and spent an entire afternoon with visitors in our home!

Here are some of the pictures:
Eating Cucumbers with a hint of lime

Some daily snacks

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things that make you go, HMMM?!

I know that she did this to herself.

But, I can't help but feel so bad and just wanted to cry for her when I saw this video.

I pray for those children.

I question the ability to raise this amount of children with support much less on your own; for them to become stable and well adjusted adults. As well as being able to monetarily afford such a feat. I know that all things are possible through Christ but this just blows my mind.

As we know from Jon and Kate that EIGHT, is sometimes TOO many. Although I will say that as kooky and uptight as Kate can be, or is portrayed to BE, I envy her organization skills and love that she has a nursing background. Those kids are so healthy and active! And they do age approprtaite CHORES!

Then there are the Duggars, who somehow seem to manage. Although the Mom seems a bit much "brain washy" for me, they manage. And, the whole "Buddy-system", seems like too much responsibility for those children. I feel like they never get to just be children. But who knows.  

Then there are Jen and Bryan, who TO ME, are a seemingly more relatable couple; who are actually dealing with the REAL LIFE issues of having six children and sustaining a good marriage and ok communication.

I just don’t know.

I would be a nervous wreck everyday!

I think had Jon and Kate kept their day jobs they may have still been together.

What do you think Blogger Mom’s; do-able or am I just a wimp?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Going Green.

So, I promised I was going to go GREEN for Santi. I did SOME research and basically ended up reading labels and finally just went to the store to buy some products. These are some of the products that I've found, that are affordable and don't smell horrible! I got these at Babies R Us with coupons from the websites but as always....Target has then as well and they accept different manufacturing coupons.

The first three are basic food area and baby clean up items:
And this last one is for his Bathroom, I usually clean it after every other little man is kinda dirty...and he does bathe every night! Ha.

In the sense of trying to be a "Green Mommy", and in an attempt to help myself be more healthy, I have started by giving my baby healthy foods he seems to love them! 

Did I mention he LOVES to eat!

Eating diced Bananas.

On one of my trips to Ikea I decided to pick up an Apple Cutter thingy, Ha. Apple Slicer? Who knows but I know I have heard other mothers rave about it...and oh my are they ever so right!

Again my Santi doesn't mind my endless cutting and dicing of fruit...he enjoys it every bit!
And it's a nice little mind exercise for him....check out the concentration and the curled toes! LOVE IT. LOVE IT.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dim Sum Sundays and Family.

These are from last weekend when my hubby was in town and we also had family in from Reynosa!

This is after I went to pick him up from the airport:

This was Santiago on our way to see my family:

This is my family who came to visit from Mexico:

My little Cousin Bella.
The boys with their Great-Grandpa and my Tia Delia.
The boys with their Grandfather.
And again with their Great Grandpa (My dad's dad)
Whole new generation of COUSINS! Love it. My brother closed his eyes!

Then on Sunday we went to Ocean Palace on Bellaire and Boone to eat some Dim Sum, it was good but a bit overwhelming so I only got pictures outside:
All done eating.
Looking for the fish.

Ah. Found them. Santiago looks worried.
He didn't care for turtles, plus the water was weird looking.
Santiago was exhausted to say the least.