Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School!

My hubby that is.... I wish him all the luck and I pray that he has the best semester ever.....

I wanted to share my "first day at college" story [GO COOGS!]. I heard some, "first day" stories on the radio this morning and thought it would be fun to share. And remember.

When I decided over 10 years ago [ YES, 10 YEARS AGO] to leave the small town of Mission and come to Houston to attend college; I didn't know what would happen or how things would play out. 11 years later, I am so Blessed

My story was; I went "away" to college. But, I came to Houston with my entire family. You see, we grew up between Houston and South Texas, so we had family here. Around the time when I graduated High School my family was ready for a change. We came here at the end of July and I was set to start school in August. 

Before this my cousin thought it might be a great idea for me to "meet people" (i.e. Ricardo, my now HUBBY) SO prior to starting school he decided, we would go on a double date. Get me acquainted with the city and ready to start school! Little did we know that the night we went out would be the same night I wanted to go back home, only 2 weeks after arriving in Houston. 

That day; I had gone to school, completed registration, financial aid, transportation arrangements, and so on. Well I had just gotten a new purse and stuffed it with all my paperwork, wallet with my new college I.D., and even had a camera that I had taken Senior pictures with but had a couple more left on it. I know how dumb this is, NOW. But, it would be the same purse that I took with me that night when we went out. 

Well my cousin, his then girlfriend now wife with three beautiful children, and Ricardo arrived to pick me up. We went out to dance and then dinner. Little did we know that at dinner, Ricardo's dad's white pick up truck would be broken into. [His dad JUST recently got rid of that truck, now he is sporting a new Toyota Tundra in Metallic Blue! Huge upgrade!] Completely beat up with a bat and our belongings GONE. Yes, after only 2 weeks in Houston as an "adult" my things were stolen. I was scared and devastated; the next day I wanted to pack up and go home! No joke. Certain that THIS would NEVER had happen had I been back home!? 

I started college, upset. Mad that I had lost all of my High School memories. Now thinking back. That's what college is about. Letting go of your "childhood" and entering a new life, a new season and moving forward! 

I thank God for the last 11 years and I thank Him for that night.....had it not been for that experience, I am not sure when I would have realized that I wasn't in "Kansas" anymore and that life would be VERY different from that point on. That I needed to get over it and grow up

I think I did, "get over it" and "grow up" and I hope that all those "kiddos" starting school; whether it's Pre-K, Kinder, Junior High, High School, or college, HAVE A GREAT EXPERIENCE and learn from everyone [mistakes and accomplishments] and everything around them [the world is MUCH bigger than you think]! 

Take it all in it doesn't last forever there is a real world out there waiting for you and Love your teachers they have been there and done that!  

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Casey Ayala (DreamTree Photography) said...

haha Connie! Only you. Only you. lol Glad your first college experience nothing short of an experience! lol

Good Luck to Ricardo this semester! I know he's gonna knock em dead!