Wednesday, December 1, 2010

En Español....En Español!

Jajajaja. (That was me laughing in Spanish!)

Ok, so I have to put my Bilingual brain to work. A trabajar! Si no, I will loose it.

I need to set my Spainglish mode on semi-permanent! Why? Well because I said I want to introduce and use more of my "cultural" know how. Haha. I mean, I am Mexican. I feel Mexican. But, at me sale (excuse the lack of accents and grammer in my spanish)... and I feel like a sell out. Ugh. Pobre!

Well.  Hmmmm. Let me start with.... books!

I am currently (meaning since I was pregnant with Santiago!) reading; Bless Me, Ultima and had set out to read more books by Hispanic authors! I started reading and then did some research on this book. Guess what? It's part of a trilogy! Great! Ha. I will get to it. It's really good so far, curanderas and life in the country. Reminds me of my up bringing.

Peliculas, so my son has been addicted to "La Bamba" recently, the music more than the movie. We fast forward through all the crude scenes and most of the movie to the musical parts and he loves it. I love it. I grew up watching Ritchie and his family go through triumph and then devastation. "Ricardo Valenzuela y su Flying guitar!" Plus the mom's name is Connie! Haha.

The music I listen to on a daily basis is usually very selective but I love me some very dance~able Bachata by Romeo and his Aventura boys, I also love the slow romantic lyrics of Camila and of course the always beautiful Shakira! Me gusta un poco de todo!

I have not watched Novelas in a while, I think the last one was; Mañana es para Siempre. I loved it. I love that they are short. I don't like que todas son igual. Pero la de Mañana es para Siempre was so different. I mean in the end it was a love story and there was a happy ending but still I loved it.

Y tu? Que te gusta? (HA. Do you remember that magazine...y Tu..Quien Eres?)

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