Monday, December 20, 2010

Momma Yo Quiero!

There were many things that I didn't get to do with my son that I hope to do with my daughter like; Breastfeed and Baby Wear!

And although I would LOOOVE this sling:

A Silk Artisan Baby Sling by Sakura's a BIT overpriced!

But, no worries I found something similar on Amazon for a lot LESS! So, when I have the money I will purchase it! I love it.

Wearing children, it reminds me of Mexico and the indigenous Mayan Women wearing their babies. Such a vibrant and beautiful cultural reminder of that bond between a Mother and Child. It makes me feel amazing to know that I am a Mom. That I can feel the love and simple touch of 10 tiny fingers on my face every morning! These days it's referred to as Holistic Parenting. A lot of which really just comes from culture and how you were raised.

My husband and I though it is not recommended by our Pedi, have allowed our son to sleep in our bed the last 15 months. Some of which, I will admit some nights, scares me. But, it has been such a great bonding experience. We don't see him most the day and to be able to hold him and kiss him at night is a great Blessing. Although now we joke that we need a bigger bed with Camila on the way but uhm no, that will not happen! Santiago will get a big boy bed and his sister will then sleep in his "old" crib,we hope to make that our goal. Don't  get me wrong Santiago slept in his bassinet until he was about 6 months or so and too big for it. And, since then he has slept with us. We don't have the heart to let him sleep all alone in a cold room across the hall. We just can't! Sorry! But, it is one of the Holistic concepts: Co-Sleeping.

Another way that we attempt to be "Holistic" parents is by not allowing our son to consume too much, if any at all, processed or fast foods. Santiago eats mostly fruits and vegetables, raw or cooked, he loves them all. And, he mostly eats home-made foods such as; frijoles con arroz, sopa de fideo,pozole, caldo de pollo, chorizo con huevo, albondigas and many others. He loves milk, cheese and sour cream. He will try anything once. He LOVES water. Rarely drinks fruit juices or anything other milk and water, we've tried, he always goes back to water. We do this mainly because of our own bad habits, not to mention bad health, which we don't want Santiago to inherit. Don't get me wrong, we do feed him chicken nuggets and tater tots every once in a while, we are still full-time employees to the outside world and some days are just toooo hectic to get some home cooking in but we try! Plus it's much cheaper than eating out every night!  

In all we do our best to be the best possible parents and give our son and now our daughter the best possible life and up bringing! We can only try! Plus I don't think our parents think we can do it or that we do but we really do and really can be great parents if we set our minds to it!

Any thoughts or suggestions? Let me know! I would love to hear from you!

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