Tuesday, January 18, 2011

16 Months so Soon?!?!

This is another post regular that I have not done in a while.

{My Son's Monthly update Newsletter}

These days Santiago you are up to "no good".
No good I tell you! {Ha.}
With that beautiful heart melting smile and eyes that pierce my heart every day and every night.
You run, jump, laugh and play just like every other healthy strong little boy should!
You are my Little Man complete with charm and flirty skills!
You fall and bump your head, smash your fingers and bust your lip!
None of it stops you...none of it.
No worries..Momma is always close by to hug, kiss and make it all better! Daddy too. No matter how much he claims to want to make a you a tough little man he is often the first one to run to your rescue, accuse the first person in site and make sure you are ok!
These days you've become somewhat independent and some days you want nothing to do with me. It's makes me sad. Then there are days when it's all about me.
The latter is true more times than not.
Some days I forget you are not truly attached to me at the hip! I wish I could be with you every second of the day. It's not possible right now but when it is I will be the most Blessed Mommy ever.
You seemed to have grown over night.
And, there are days when I feel I have missed so much.
But, in the end God knows why.  
You know when and how to push all of our buttons and you are the most loving and beautiful little Angel. {All at once}
We can never be mad at you and when you are getting into trouble it's so hard not to laugh and get over it.
You test us in every way possible.
I am sure we have failed every time.
You still sleep with us but we don't mind it at all.
You still drink from your "ti-ti" or bottle and still wear a diaper, although I think they will both be gone soon, when your sister is born.
You are only 16 months and in 2 months you will be a "Big Brother", no pressure.
Your Dad is in his second to last semester at U.H. {God willing} (GO COOGS!) he is doing it for us. He wants us all to be so proud of all his work and accomplishments. He is trying his absolute best to provide for us everything that we NEED. God is with him. I am currently working full-time to help support our home so that your Dad can finish school. I too want you to be so proud of him and all the work that he does.
Your favorite movie, for some odd reason, is La Bamba.
You love to dance to any kind of music.
You laugh and play and you know very well right from wrong. You love "throwing fits" although you throw them all the time, I am sorry most are ignored. You do it to get attention. You don't like to share toys. Not good. We will be working on that as well.
You've been sick with cold, coughs and lots of boogers. You know how to "blow your nose" And when we change your diaper your favorite word is "caca".
You say:
You can for people like:
Paco and Max (Both your uncles)
You know very well who Mommy and Daddy are.
You know who the baby is, we call her Ma-ma.
You understand both Spanish and English.
You've been to the Zoo and you simply love animals and being outdoors. I hope that doesn't change.
You love giving kisses.
You wave Good-Bye and nod your head as to say...what's up. :D
You know when it's time to go home and grab keys and any bag in site as you think you are walking out the door.
You love most ALL foods. And you drink lots of water..I hope that doesn't change.
You know how to Bless us and yourself [Te percinas cada mañana] and we pray on our ride to your Grandma's every morning and on our way home every night.
When your dad takes you, you kiss me good-bye and say..byyyyeee.
You love your Daddy and when he is your favorite person, it kills me a little inside
{in a good way}.
You've spent maybe 2 or 3 at the most entire nights away from us. We never leave you anywhere over night..I hope that doesn't change.
You love people.
You love going to your Grandmothers' homes.
You chase the dogs at both homes and slap your uncle's cat in the face.
We can't leave you alone for a second, a second, because you will dismantle, tare down or unhinge more than one room. You are a quick little on. Your little bare feet and short legs scram at the voice of " Santiago, what are you doing?!" You have fierce determination and accomplish most mischief you set out to do.
{We don't mind much, just proceed to clean up.}
Your face lights up as you run with fear when the door bell rings although it scares you, you LOVE company.
You hate it when Mommy and Daddy laugh, we do it so loud only because we love to be HAPPY!
You love your Aunts like Erica and Danielle and fight with your Tia Jess and Tia Ale.
You love your Uncles like Eric and Max and sometimes Mike. 
We got you a tent for Christmas and it's your favorite place when there is some one there to play with you. You've learned to zip it closed but are struggling to get it open. 
You the fridge has your milk and food. You know where we play the movies and you know that keys, shoes and a hoodie take you outside. 
You hate shoes and socks. You take them off as soon as we get home. 
As a matter of fact...you'd run around naked it we let you. 
You know that the bathroom is for bath time and you also  know that if you are running around naked more times than not, it's bath time.
You love playing in the water but hate the actual bath part.
When you are fussy and tired you love to be held and have your bottle.
You hate sheets and being tucked in...
You sit under the kitchen table when you can and play behind your high chair.
You know every corner of our house and scare us when you hide in the garage, though it's only seconds, my heart stops.
You love books but don't sit long enough to be read to properly.
Your dad thinks you can't sleep at night unless you've made a total mess during the day...
You gasp at anything new and scare with lots of different situations.
I am sure I have forgotten a lot of good and fun things that you do everyday... but we have pictures to show you....lots. So, if I've missed something here we will catch it there... 
Everyday is a new adventure. And, we are SO BLESSED to be on this journey with you. God has given us the most beautiful Blessings and we can't wait for your sister to be here....   



Ms. Latina said...

Your son is adorable and very blessed to have such a loving family!

I myself missed much of my children's earlier years because of work and school but it never stopped them from knowing how much I loved and cherished them. Just like you, my sons were and are the center of my world, outside of Christ of course. I know your son and soon your daughter will know it too!

Connie Leon said...

Ahhh Thanks so much for your comment!! :D