Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When a "funny feeling" turns into a 9 month journey...

[ This Blog Post is from 2009, when I was still pregnant with my son, but still very accurate]

34 weeks ago I started a journey.

A new journey in my life. A journey unlike any other in my entire 28 years, and that would definitely change my life. I wouldn't have had it any other way or change it for anything in the world.

It was surreal at first and slowly with every growing day the belly popped and the baby's heart and movements started to leave me in amazement. Amazement of what the Lord has created for us to experience.


Picture 005

Life is so amazing, being formed within for 40 weeks. Despite all the ups and downs that have come from this journey, it's been a perfect one of bonding with this tiny child inside of my womb. His little pushes and tugs though at times painful have made my heart grow to a size so big that at the end of this journey I may have to cut a piece out and freeze it for a later date.

God is amazing and HIS timing is incredible. 10 years after having met Ricardo, not the typical person who I thought I would end up with, and 3 years after our marriage I would have never thought to have been blessed in such wonderful ways. Had you told me 34 weeks ago that this year would be the year that Ricardo and I accomplished this dream I probably wouldn't have believed it. Our lives have not been easy. But, this journey has allowed us to not only continue to grow in our love and our FAITH but to grow as individuals with more goals and accomplishments to attain. I personally feel like I have learned who and what is important. I have placed a special emphasize on peace and have learned to ignore those people and those situations that just have no positive meaning in my life.

I have grown to appreciate my mom and my husband much more. To know what it's like to bare life and to be a mother. Needing my mom at every moment and every breath, wondering if the pushing and pulling inside and all around my body is normal. Needing her when my feet look like balloons and my back feels like an elephant stepped on it. Needing my husband just to be there. To be the one who endures the tears, the yelling, the hysteria, the joys, the laughter and the love. I have attempted all my life to be very independent, very self-sufficient, to regress now goes against my will but is much needed. I am very fortunate to have these two people in my life, I am not sure how other women do it and being the big baby that I am, I am not sure that I would have survived on my own.  Though my books say that instinct kicks in and you should know what and how to do it, I am not sure to be that strong. Which is why I consider myself delightfully blessed to have my mom and my husband in my life.

The journey will soon come to an end, only to start a whole new phase in my life; Motherhood. As if being a daughter, sister, student, employee, friend and wife weren’t hard enough God has now given me one more duty.

He knows that I can handle it and that
I can embrace it.
I will rise to this challenge with grace and Love like every other.
I am Thankful for life.
I am Blessed.


Jamie Kubeczka said...

How exciting! Baby #2 will be here before you know it!

Connie Leon said...

Yes!!!! :D Very very exciting! :D