Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Momma of Dos.

My life has not been the same the last 29 months. 

I've had DOS {2} children. 
Been pregnant for 16 of the 29 months.
I have a 20 month old and a 7 week old. 

Emotions sometimes run high and other times run low.

My FAITH has grown.

Patience has been built, as I imagine it is only the beginning. Because in case you haven't done the math I will have a 13 and 14 year old on my hands, although I hear the tween-age years are not much easier.

We will also have a 19 year old and an 18 year old, meaning...they will hopefully, be attending college one after the other....

Scary. Sure. Worried. Not really. I know God has brought us this far and if my children { I pray that with our example of being college graduates that they will follow BUT I hear THAT is not always the case} decide to go to school, then at the time God will have allowed us to prepare and build up some nice college funds.
The last 29 months have been a culmination to the last 12 years and ONLY the beginning to the next 12 years and MORE.

In the last 12 years I have graduated college, bought a home, got married, and had children..my husband will have finished school and life will ONLY now begin. {Contrary to what I thought 12 years ago at 18 when I graduated High School....I thought that at 18 my life had only just begun....HA! HUGE HA!!! It was the same at 25...maybe in 5 years I will be saying that at 35 my life has just begun....} Why? Well we have reached some of  our most important goals and accomplishments {FAITH, FAMILY, EDUCATION, AND STABILITY; all I think are constantly being built and maintained} and we also now have 2 lives to guide, to Love, to help fill with goals and accomplishments of their own, to be responsible for, to care for and protect.
I feel like this is God's way of telling us...remember that this life has never been about YOU. That was your selfish stage...you are now in the REAL and TRUE stage of your life... NEW LIFE through your children. 

Last night we went out for a friends birthday. We were the only young couple of the 4 couples there that has children. They were surprised at the age difference. 18 months. There were questions about how "planned" it all was...it wasn't. I don't worry about it. There were thoughts of a THIRD child...yes...already...but I pray not now. Can I handle the DOS children that I have. Yes. Pretty well actually. Better than I thought I could. And, I heard it gets easier with time. I am sure it does. Can I handle Numero Tres, hmmm. Definitely not right now.

Questions of who watches my children came up. Can we afford daycare? Who can? It's ridiculous. But, when you think about it...they are watching your children. And you do get what you pay for. So, I don't think it matters as long as my children are well taken care of and safe. 

In all how does it feel to be a Momma of Dos and where will I go from here?

My children are the biggest Blessing in our lives {my Hubby and I}. My biggest accomplishment. The one goal that I have reached that I will EVER care about! And it's amazing to be Loved, Kissed and Held {not only by God} but by my Dos little angels! They are my everything. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!!!!!!


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