Thursday, May 26, 2011

What day is today?!

I was thinking I would work on several things {projects} this weekend.....

But, it's my first week back at work after 7 & a half  weeks away AND exhaustion is an understatement!

Our sleep and wake schedules are totally skewed, I feel like I am walking in and out of a revolving door and I feel out of place and just plain out...OUT OF IT! {Ha.}

I know, this is doable..I know I can get through this week..the real question is..When will I ever sleep again?!

My 8 week old and my 20 month old tag team each other, when one wakes the other one sleeps, when one cries the other other YELLS, when one poops the other one spits up; I think they enjoying seeing my head spin off my shoulders and my flushed face fill with panic! {HA.} They've seem to got the whole "let's deprive our mom of sleep and show her how much can come out of every orifice of our bodies" routine down... more than well!

{Trust me. I am BEYOND Blessed to have two VERY healthy, active and vivacious children....but when you get to where I am....exhaustion over powers and you just have to say it! }

So, I am not sure just yet...but I think my weekend is looking more like a big soft bed, with fluffy pillows and lots of wide open mouth straight up snoring! {Ha.} My vision of this weekend is more like a Comfort Inn than lets go out and be active weekend! 

Have I mentioned how tired I am? {Ha. ha. ha.}

And I can't remember when my last real warm sit down meal was....

This week so far is a blur.... 

{I am totally about laughing at my situation, but right now my laugh is accompanied by tears...just a know that kind of laugh/cry thing when you don't know really how you feel...sad, tired, happy.... CRAZY AND DETATCHED!{Ha. ha. ha.}

Honestly...I hope you see this post as humurous..

I love my kids....I ADORE being a Momma....I LOVE being a Wife...I love being a part of my families income and having an outside the home job {for now}...but every once in a while..I like to make light of my siutation and am a bit sarcastic...I hope everyone gets that.... Ha.

It's part of who I am....

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