Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Moving on up....

I am currently pleased with how my Blog is coming along.

I am not a super "techy" person at all and I don't know much about getting "things" onto and done to my Blog but I am pleased. And, I try....

I am getting more hits on my page, different areas of the world on my destination tracker and more followers on my Blog and Facebook page! 

I love it. 

And, I hope you love it too!!

Would love to hear your feedback? 

A few questions for my Blog-xperts {"Blog Experts"Ha. Not a real word!}:

How do I get different fonts on my posts?
How do I get a signature?
How do I get cool buttons and widgets on my page?

Thank You for your help!


loganchelsea said...

ok for changing the font you need to go under design and hit template designer under the main tabs.... from there you can change basically everything. Hit the tab Advanced to change the fonts specifically. make sure to hit save! Trust me! ;) im not sure what you meant by widgets and buttons but you work from the design page to adjust those. You can use html codes to anything with your page. Years ago I got html for dummies and learned then but now there are so many different help pages. If you haven't already look up littlemissmomma.blogspot.com. She has a bunch of saved sites that have code on there. With the signature go to mylivesigniture.com. But I love what you have so far! I dont know how much I helped! I dont know that much myself! ;)

Connie Leon said...

Ahhhh Thank You Chelsea! You are a lot of help! And I love your site as well!!!! :D