Monday, June 13, 2011

Not a Make-up Artist,

I am in almost no way ever interested in make-up. I've never even really worn make-up. I am thinking it's the whole I'm a new Momma of Dos and turning 30 in a few weeks deal that maybe I want to feel, "pretty" {Oh so pretty}.

No idea. Random for a Monday, if I do say so myself.

Our family had a very busy weekend. Lots of fun get-togethers. I love Baby Showers! I created a little something. I will post later tonight on my Craft blog.

We went to the pool at a friends house {Thanks Kathy A.!} I DIDN'T GET MY CAMERA OUT ONCE! But, I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon of chit-chat, laughter and yummy food! {Thanks to all the cooks and great company!} I was very happy to see my son run around and have fun in a bigger pool than the one at home {his little 20 dollar Wal-mart pool, Ha.} but I think for now he prefers the latter. He was a bit scared of the whole situation and would only ask to get in the pool if his Daddy was in there. Otherwise he ran around outside with the other kids or his Aunt Kathy who did a great job of wearing him out! {Or vice-versa! Ha.}

In all we had lots of fun, saw great friends, spent time with family and planned for weeks ahead. 

How was your weekend? Any fun Summer activities?

I know June has been busy and will be busy for us but other than the 4th of July next month, I am not sure what else we will do. I definitely want to go to the Houston Zoo once this Summer with both our kids, and the Children's Museum and the Movies with Santi.   

Have a great week. {BTW, Since I am back at work my posts will probably come later in the day or the night before. We shall see. I have lots of catch up to do....}

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