Monday, June 13, 2011

{Part of my 30's lists} Mommy Wish List. ♥

I know this is a bit selfish... but I have a few items {for myself} on my wish list especially this year....

{30 things on my Mommy Wish list or to-do list}

1. New clothes.
2. New shoes.
3. New makeup.
4. More time for my kids.
5. More time for me.
6. More time with my Hubby.
7. More date nights with my Hubby.
8. To find a new Church. 
9. To loose about 10 more lbs and not gain the almost 30 that I have already lost....
10. New haircut {if I have the guts}
11. More time to craft and blog. 
12. To go to the Beach. 
13. To see my Aunt in Detroit, soon. 
14. To get Camila's baptism plans complete {I've already thought of the God-Parents; we just need to ask them}
15. Find a new job. {HUGE sigh}
16. Get  pictures done with my Hubby and kids.
17. Have Thanksgiving dinner at my house.
18. Plan Santi's 2nd Birthday
19. Plan Cami's 1st Birthday
20. Spend more time with my Girlfriends.
21. Attend Bible Study
22. Sign up for a Church Group
23. Visit my Grandmother.
24. Buy myself a James Avery Bracelet.
25. I want to give more money at Church.
26. I want to see about opening an Etsy account.
27. I want to take a Business class {Accounting and Business Organization}
28. I want to take my GRE
29. I want to have a Business meeting...
30. I want to fly away... sometimes...

Eeeeek I think that makes me...caught up...on 30's lists until tomorrow that is!

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