Thursday, June 2, 2011

What brought me here?

Goodness it must be this whole turning 30 thing..I didn't think I would be so reflective about the whole turning 30 thing!

But, I guess I am.

To me the number is not's more about my experiences, the lessons learned, and my family memories (Good or Bad).

What brought me here? this place... this place where I sit and write. Think and imagine.

Well first off a slower paced job than I am used to. Once in this job and on my down time, I found Heather. The, in my eyes, Queen of Blogs! I loved her. I wanted to be like her. I wanted to take pictures like her. I wanted to write like her. I want to be funny and carefree like her. I wanted to be open and daring like her. I wanted to be Heather Armstrong. But, I knew that wasn't gonna happen. I was and am ME.

So, I did the next best thing..I started Blogging....soon the ideas and my imagination and a new love for writing and expressing came to be. I am still not at all good at it but I try and I move forward.

My Blog was this..and that....and blah...and AHHHHH....and then it was...Oh.M.Geeeee. and things changed.

I moved into this. And a new phase emerged.

And life...went on....goes on and everything is different now....

But, I am happy, learning and seeking.

Turning 30 will be great and what brought me here is not as important as loving where I am now! {And I do. No matter what!}

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