Monday, June 27, 2011

What's to come? {30 Recap and Goals}

I have plans!

Lots of them!!!

I have been busy with work and well life but hopefully you haven't missed too much.

Here is a recap:

-I reached 75 FB readers, working on my 100! guessed it....GIVEAWAY time!
-My Hubby got a new Summer Internship~ With Vaugh Construction~
-I was on Maternity Leave for 2 months.
-I have been crafting {making and selling-But really it's a Hobby}
-I had my second Baby {CamBam}-Officially making me the Momma of Dos! {Yaay!} ~Hence the Maternity Leave~
-I finally had my first ever GIVEAWAYS! {Congrats again to the Winners!}MANY MORE TO COME I HOPE!
-I am currently seeking a new job in a Faith based community with Hispanic and Community involvement as a plus!
-I am planning my Son's second Birthday in September and my daughters FIRST in March!
-I am still and more so than ever in LOVE with my LIFE, MY FAMILY and GOD!

How? Where and Who?

My Blog originated as a "ME" blog on Wordpress; a hard-working, church-going, quirky Faith-filled Wife! It didn't really have structure.....

Then it became a Mommy Blog {still and more so Faithfilled but with some structure}....

Then it went on to become an all around honest Family and Faith Blog! {Still with structure and bigger plans in mind!}

Now, a NEW Me, Family, FAITH, Crafty Blog has emerged and I still have even BIGger the months go by {as God's will is done} and another year finishes I plan to execute those plans and move forward!  {I have never lost sight of HIM, I have as an imperfect Human Being that I am wandered away, doubted who He has brought me to be, and thought that He may not have been who guided me here to execute this specific purpose! BUT now, NOW more than ever, I KNOW, that I was SO VERY WRONG. That HE is MY ONE AND ONLY PURPOSE. That HE is my one and ONLY guide. THAT HE IS THE REASON I am HERE. In this place. In this moment. I will embrace HIM! Move forward and never again doubt what I believe IN, Who I believe in!}

With this in {with His purpose in} mind I plan to add and  return some features to my Blog! They went missing, I was caught off guard and thrown off course! But order must be re-gained. And life will once more be GREAT!

What to look for in the coming MONTHS:

*Guest Bloggers [Monday] {EMAIL ME TO:}
*"New Addition to the Family" Feature {If you have special talents you want to share!!!{EMAIL ME TO:}
*En la Cocina con Ricardo {TOTALLY NEW!!!} The Head Chef will be my Hubby! YUP! He can cook too!
*La Sonrisa de un Niño {Also totally NEW! It will be weekly stories about my Children and how they make me smile!}
*Craft of the Month {A Tutorial Series-Monthly}
*I want to do "Praise & Worship Wednesday" again, I miss it!
*I want to start "Thankful Thursdays" with Family of Four Blogger {link-up}!
*I want to add "Finding Friday {& Suggestions Saturday}" - My cool "finds" of the week and what you think I should be looking at!
* El Domingo en Casa {Family Activities to do after Church~Local Feature~}
*As you may have guessed, I want to add more Spanish {With a Tex-Mex twist and Spanglish lingo} posts!!! Yes, Yo soy muyyyy Mexi-Mexi!
* I want to add more PICTURES to my everyday POST! For your viewing pleasure... Ha.
* I want to have a MONEY MATTERS post every Month {Where Finances and Organization and Spousal Communication about the issue is discussed!}
*I want to have a possibly weekly Health and Fitness Post {Where a Health Expert can tell us how and what to do to keep in shape but more importantly how to stay Healthy!}
*I also want a possible weekly Fashion and Makeup post {Where my Fashion and Makeup Guru's can discuss beauty and dressing cute! I have TWO people in mind already!}

Ambitious much!? HA. I think so. God will find a way!!! I know He will.

I hope you like it all!

Please stick around, FUN WILL BEGIN SHORTLY!

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