Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cause I'm Human.

I find myself asking; why? A lot lately.

Seeking answers about life in general, about my Faith, about success, about goals?

I love to Blog and would do it fill~time if I could! I love sharing and expressing.

I love when I eventually get feedback...good..or bad... which then leads me to another question; why not?

Is what I say {type/believe in} important?
Does it impact {in a positive family/marriage/Faith oriented manner}?
Does my sharing inspire or make you think?
Is it informative and joyful, and joy filled.....

At what point do I let it go and just write for self-fulfilment, for growth, for sake of keeping track of memories.....

My goal as a full-time outside the home {Christian/Catholic} Working Mommy/Wife "Blogger" is to identify. To create an identity that can be relate-able to MANY, not just to "OTHCWMWB's" {Ha. Came up with that one on my own ::insert cheesy smile here::; it's kinda long I know}

Then I think..am I Bloggy High Maintenance? {Ha.}

What do I need? What do we all need?

After a late night email, some nights ago, with one of my SuperBFF/Momma's of Faith....who mentioned a support group... I came across a book, which another Family Mommy Friend/Aunt gave me when I first took Santi to daycare last year...it's the Houston Mama's Handbook....and then,  it hit me... I am NOT high maintenance and what I Blog about may be of support to just about ANY other Momma out there!

There for...I am calling this my Momma Blog Followers Support forum! {Ha. Man I gotta come up with shorter names!}

If you have ANY resources that we can share PLEASE comment or email me....


Here are some that I have found over time; We all need a helping hand:

Houston Area Women Center

Women's Resource Center

Crisis Intervention of Houston

Community of Faith

Catholic Charities

WorkForce Solutions

Casa Juan Diego

Please feel free to add....


Anne-Marie said...

I have come full circle with my blog and I can say that now I am doing it mostly to keep up with my memories because heaven knows I do not scrapbook anymore. I think you have fabulous things to say and are a great Mommy/Christian etc. etc...blogger!

Connie Leon said...

Ahhh Thank Yo Anne-Marie!!!! :D Very sweet!!! Yes. At one point I think I was just doing it for me...but right now..I feel like I should do it for the outside world!! :D

Ashley said...

i love this! Thats why I have my blog... to help other people... i do it full time now and its the most amazing "job" i could ask for!

Connie Leon said...

Thank You for your comment Ashley!! I love your BLOG! Your itmes are amazing!!! :D