Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Grief. {Part 2}

My Aunt.

A pure heart. A faith-filled heart. A Woman of Faith.

My Aunt who read Corinthians at my wedding. My Aunt who handed me my Bible and Rosary at my wedding. The same Bible and Rosary that sits in my bedroom.

The Bible which she introduced to my Uncle...who preferred one with BIG print and lots of pictures. An example of constant Faith and Love.

A beacon of Hope and Marriage.

The biggest {self-less} heart in our family.

The peacemaker. The neutral.

The Godly. The God given.The God surrendered.

My Aunt Lola.

A tribute to her  life. Not just a memory but a true testament to life.

A gentle soul filled with faith, love, courage.

Her house filled with awards.

Awards to her unfailing perseverance and patience.

Courage and Faith. That's what I know.

That's how I love her.

Beauty within and on the outside.

My Tia.

I feel like I didn't spend enough time with her.

Did I say everything I should have said?
Did I kiss her enough times?
Did I hold her long enough?

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