Thursday, August 25, 2011

{Thankful Thursdays} LINK UP!

This week I am most Thankful for:

Paths Crossing {I have been faced with many new decisions this month and this week. So, it puts me at ease to know that other Momma friends/Bloggers are experiencing the same...challenges in decision making.... Thank You Ladies....your support, listening ears and advice make a world of a difference for this Momma!} 

Mother-in-Law { She watches my kids...for...FREE. 'Nuff said right? No. But wait! She watches them when I have late night meetings, she feeds them, she makes them laugh, she protects them, she gets after them,she feeds them..and ME some nights, she bathes them, she plays with them, she changes them, she teaches them, she speaks SPANISH to them,she dances with them,she holds them, she give them quiet time, and guess what... she absolutely LOVES them!! I admit. Like anything else. Leaving my kids with anyone is difficult. And, my Momma heart filled with doubts as to if my Mother-in-Law could do this for me...she has a busy...BUSY household...but she does it so well...and I am SO BLESSED!}

Little Good-Bye's {Again, leaving my kids has been a Momma challenge that for months at a time has made me walk away in tears and doubt. But this week my son walks in my Mother-in-Laws house... sits on the couch, stands by the door or is held in Grandpa's arms and calmly says... "Buh-Bye" with a smile. My Momma heart sighs with relief and I walk away..still in tears but happy and at ease... Thank You Jesus for this answered prayer.}

Support {From my Husband, above all. From my Mom and my Sister. From my Cousins-in-law, my Hubby's younger cousins who are mine as well. From my Momma friends/Bloggers. From my friends as a whole. From my co-workers. From those in and out of my's amazing. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I MORE THAN TRULY APPRECIATE YOU ALL. I LOVE YOU.} 

What are you most Thankful for this week??

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black tag diaries said...

so thankful to have a great relationship with my mother-in-law... it's a blessing for sure. thanks for linking up this week!