Thursday, August 18, 2011

{Wedding} ♥

Not mine.


In my {Thankful Thursday} LINK UP! I mentioned a wedding...

~Brissa and Juan David~

Here are some pictures from that wedding...  I didn't get many..I blame my lack of photography skills and poor equipment... excuses, I know! The food was YUMMA beyond YUMMA! Ha. Very traditional Mexican food! Gorditas de chicharron y picadillo, arroz, frijoles y una agua de Limon! Me encanto. No le tome fotos a la comida! Bad Connie. But trust me, estuvo todo muy delicioso y muy, pero muy bonito!

My favorite moment was when Brissa danced with her father...and he sang in her ear they swayed back and forth...all I could think was one day, God willing, Ricardo will be holding Cami that way..I hope he doesn't sing {Ha.}but if he does...It will be from pure Love and from his big ol'Daddy/Man heart! It was an amazing night.

We almost didn't make it out to Wimberly, Texas to Red Corral Ranch; as we attempted to get on  I-10 in Houston...OUR CAR BROKE DOWN. {As my friend Casey would say..DRA-MA!} Thankfully we have amazing friends and family always willing to help out!

Ricardo and I drove the 3 hours; talking, dreaming, praying that one day, and enjoying the dry but beautiful view! We fell in love every step of the way to Hill Country. We sang and remembered.

Congratulations Brissa and Juan David. Les deseamos mucha felicidad y muchas Bendiciones en su matrimonio....

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Casey Ayala (DreamTree Photography) said...

Um. your pics look wonderful to me, girly!! and um yeah, that is mad drama!! Thankfully you guys were able to go and get out of that heat! eek!