Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{Kathy A.} ♥

Last night I was ushered off to bed by my Husband...he didn't want me to stay up late since my new job requires me to wake up early. So, I listened. {I was tired!} 
So, tonight..a double dose of  Momma Love!

{Momma Love Series}
This next Momma I have only "known" for about a year! I say "known" because...ok..long story short..she was a family friend of my Husband's LONG before my days... She knows my Husband's family very well! 

I found her through our first Momma Love Guest Blogger CaseyLove. There was an instant Momma connection with her! These days..she is one of my absolute best Momma friends! I love her dearly.... 

She is determined, out going, funny and very confident. She helps me pray when I feel blah and also does my makeup! Awesome combo..if I do say so myself! Ha. 

She is also a recent University of Houston-Downtown Criminal Justice graduate..hence the being determined! 

And, here she is....

{Guest Blogger}

My name is Kathy A. Single mother, full time worker. I work as admin assistant.  I love being a mommy and playing soccer.
I am also a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and fellow Blogger!
I have a daughter her name is Alyssa or "Aly" for short.
How old you were when you first became a Momma? 25
Was it expected? YES
Did your pregnancy go well? Very well!
Was your pregnancy what you expected? I didn’t know what to expect. I read “What to expect when expecting” and I guess that helped me. Over all it was a really smooth pregnancy
Did your delivery go well? Extremely well!
Was your delivery what you expected? NO because I didn’t know what to expect. The one thing that happened and I had no clue its actually normal was the gagging! I thought I was going to throw up when I first started pushing.
How was your first year? Well I did get post-partum depression. Very very mild but I cried all the time. The only time I felt ok was with Aly was awake. Motherhood was great! Aly was such a joy! She was a happy baby!!
Was it all that you expected? I didn’t know what to expect but I was one happy mommy! (still am!)

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