Monday, October 10, 2011

Camila {6 MONTHS!} ♥

6 months ago; life was different.
Just as we were adjusting to sleeping all night and whole milk, we are Blessed to be there again….
A beautiful little Angel fell from the sky and into our arms.
Her name.
Camila Isabel.
Her grace, abundant.
The love, showered.
My heart once more filled.
My Husband once more on his knees, to pray, to Thank, to Bless, to praise, worship and Love.
For God has been so good to us, it’s unimaginable.
I can’t remember life as 3…we are now 4.
I can’t imagine life without her.
Now a Momma of Dos.
Dos veces Blessed.
Dos veces, AMOR!
Today we live, we cry, we praise, we Love.
Camila has been more than a true dream come true…she’s been our little Angel to help fill the empty spaces in our home, her grandma smiles fill those empty places in our hearts and her girly giggle fills everyone with joy!
I have been here before once.
It’s the story of an amazing 6 month old who is not just a ray of sunlight and Blessing from the sky..but a true BUNDLE OF HAPPINESS.
She is a little circle of babble and love…
My Cami came into our lives 6 months ago…and it’s like we’ve known her and had her in our arms our whole lives.
Nothing should ever be different.
Blessings are so beautiful and we are more than Thankful! 
Santi has a sister, Ricardo and I have a daughter and life has one more sweet little girl to embrace! .
I pray over her every night.
I pray that her life be filled with happiness throughout.
That even if she suffers she knows that God is has her heart in His hands. 
Her life will be a great one….
We love her.
Her brother marvels at her…
Her father falls in love more and more every day….
Me, I was already in love, she has been in my heart all my life.
Now, she is in our lives and we couldn’t ask for anything MORE! 
Today more than ever....

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