Sunday, October 23, 2011

{Just Life...Just Sayin'}

There comes a turning point when things change...your eyes open and LIFE happens. 
It's be days...weeks..months LIFE has happened and my thoughts, inspirations and feelings linger in the nothing of the real world....

I haven't had time to express, create and innovate the way I would have like to...or want to. 

Sometimes peoples thoughts of me drag me I really who they say I am? 
{Clearly God knows my heart and holds my soul...they are seeking, conflicting and in turmoil of their's why they think that I am, who they think I am..clearly...GOD knows who I am..and guess what, so do I!} 

So, I stand up after my millionth fall and fill myself with GRACE even after another slip of the tongue in that moment of fear and anger.  That moment when I feel like acceptance is needed but fail.
While they claim to build and instead.... destroy... it's ok. 
I rebuild, renew and SPEAK UP IN GOD'S NAME
I am stronger today... 
I am happy. 
I am positive and 
I know that God knows me.

Life hasn't always handed me the best....but God has always made things better...and here I am..another lesson learned about truth and sincere friendship... and I move on. 
This expression of raw, unglued emotions is necessary. 
I need to SPEAK. 
Even if I am NOT heard...
so that I can deal, handle and throw away what I don't like about me. 
What I want to change and move forward..
I think we call it closure..
I think. 
Over think and then come back to this....

So, I fear nothing, no-one and MOVE FORWARD
I love life. 
I love TRUTH. 
I cherish people who do the same. 

Today I have FAITH. 
I remain calm.
I stay happy and above all POSITIVE. 
About life. 
About my friends. 
About my family.
I am healing..inside and out..I am seeking inside and out..I am loving. 

{Only God can take care of the rest.... 
Only Faith can lift me when I am down....
Only Love can prevail. 
Only TRUTH can be exposed. 
Only prayer will get me through this...
Only my family will understand.}

Love, FAITH, Happiness and Positivity..that's what I want from now on... 
I am working on ME. That's all. 

When life's got you down..look up...
HE is there and HE has the answers...
HE will embrace you and HE will change you!!! 

Blessed Sunday. 

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