Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{Leftovers} ♥

I know I had sworn off all things Thanksgiving Turkey BUT I just HAD to do one more gobble-gobble post....

This one comes in the form of leftovers... that's right... leftovers. After a couple of days as you may recall we were all turkied-out! Ha. The traditional turkey that is. How is it possible that after 12 months of anticipation for the day to come and now, I am so ok with it being another 12 months away. Ha.

So, in our futile attempt to waste as little God-given food as possible my Hubby decided to make some TURKEY TACOS!

Yup! They were good. I also discovered that though I am not a good cook, I do make good salsa's ... here is our turkey taco lunch, the Saturday after Thanksgiving!


Take your leftover cooked turkey meat and mix it with diced onions, black pepper and a little bit of salt. This will be your taco stuffing.

Take your corn tortillas and heat them up on your comal. Place about 2 tablespoons of turkey filling in your tortilla and fold it over, like a taco, not a flauta!!

In a pan add some oil, when the oil is hot you lay the folded taco in the oil until it is crispy on one side, then carefully turn it over on the other, until that side is crispy.

Then place fried tacos on a napkin to soak off any excess oil.

Top your tacos with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream and of course...SALSA!

And enjoy...some yumma tacos!

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