Tuesday, December 20, 2011

~2011 to 2012~

First off, I am really just out of it this week.

I have been out of the game {Bloggy-game that is} for some time. I have the time to write and think but I think that because of my everyday 8 to 5 job..I am all thought out! Ha. I can't find a way to express, I can't find the words to share.

I have never had this kind of an issue. 

I have been seeking inspiration for 2 days now. And, "nothing"...I have NOTHING! 

I mean. I have something. But, how can I convey my thoughts in an orderly and interesting manner!

Don't know. But, here we go. 

So, like every other "New Year is a upon us last minute resolution maker"..I really do want to be healthier in the new year. I have gained weight. Lots. I will spare you the shape of my body but uhm yeah, muffin top I think is more than totally in order. I should totally become {"totally"} become accountable for these thoughts and take pictures of myself, but it's almost midnight here in Houston and I don't want to be a fatty and frumpy so we shall leave those for another day! No really. Another day. I need to get with it and get my booty in gear. Not to look hot or be that Momma but just because I hate not fitting into my work pants about 5 minutes before I  leave to work! Not a good sight and not good on the ears... Ahiii. That and plus I have been really horrible at my H2O intake since around Thanksgiving and I am sure that I have been dodging a huge kidney stone bullet. So yes, New Years Resolution making begins, I guess tonight... 

And, then there is the whole not being inspired and writing from the top of my head kinda thing that I really need to NOT let happen, ever again!

Let's recap:

Loose weight and Write more. Hmmm. Pretty simple. Pretty easy? I am sure the list will grow in the last few days of 2011. I am sure the words self control and discipline come to mind, but we shall be spared.

And then all I could think was...wow...2011 is almost over? How did that happen? When did it happen? The year is not quite a blur and amazing as well as sad memories come to mind....but I must stop while I'm a head, get a good nights sleep and see if the inspiration fairy hitches a ride with the dream fairy and come to pillow tonight... cause the parking lot is empty..no really it is.

Buenas Noches...

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