Friday, December 16, 2011

{Back Tracking....}

Let's rewind a little bit....

Back in September I got a promotion...woooo-whoooo me! Yes. But, it meant more responsibility, longer work hours and less time at home. Also in September, my Husband began his last Fall semester...we pray. Back then December seemed so far away. During the last 3 months; I have had surgery, my kids have been ill, Ricardo has been working hard as an Intern, a student, a Daddy, a Husband, a Son, a Brother, and a friend. We thought we had already had a difficult semester when our family was stricken with the pain of loss, Ricardo's uncle was murdered  here in Houston. It's been, a challenge. Dealing. But, I pray for justice, peace and faith to overcome.

Then there is today. The closing of the semester at UH, my last day of work for 2011 {thank God} and the Holiday's. It's so difficult to think that a family will be without. That they will be in pain and mourning. But again, I pray that justice will prevail. I can't imagine what the family is going through I can only pray for their comfort and well being.

Over the next two weeks I will attempt to be social, be crafty, be a temporary Stay-at-Home Mom {for 2 weeks, HA!}and assist my Husband in any way possible in moving forward with his career choices. I also plan to have fun, relax and enjoy not only my time off but my little ones... they grow so fast and not being there everyday with them has me feeling really guilty most I want to be happy with them and for them to be happy around me. It will be great!

Life is so difficult. Life has been a struggle. I think it helps define  you as a person and creates character. As we overcome every obstacle set forth with peace and faith that one day things will be okay and back to normal.

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