Friday, December 23, 2011

The Vocabulary Game

The Pediatrician gave Santi until January to speak. Literally. He has words, now some phrases but more than half the time I get that blank stare of "Mom, don't you know what I'm saying?" the sad truth is that, I don't know what Santi is saying half the time. It result in total frustration. I end up sad cause I am a horrible Momma..or so I think. He ends up frustrated because he knows what he is trying to tell me but I have no clue.

He has many words, and phrases most of which I know. The few that remain an enigma are the ones that I just wish I had a baby translator for. Santi is to our impression fully bilingual at this point. We speak to him in English at home and with his Grandmother{ who cares for him Monday thru Friday 7am to 7pm} he speaks only Spanish. It's what we wanted for him, so him staying at home with her and now Cami has been more than a Blessing. We want Santi to be fully bilingual but not sure how much that is really affecting him when it comes to getting the words across.

I am trying everyday more and more to hold full conversations with him. We read together. He is more than fully engaged and really surprises us most days when he seems to be responding and answering our questions.

My Husband and I have gotten in the habit of asking him how his day went, what he did and who he was with all the day. He does pretty well but January is around the corner and I don't know what else to do for him..when time is of the essence.

My next step is labeling and flashcards. We shall see....

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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