Friday, January 6, 2012

{Baby steps, an Epiphany, & Respect}

Change. It's been ALL over my mind. Funny thing. Sometimes you don't realize how much change your soul and heart need until someone ELSE points it out to you.

I admit, I've allowed situations and people to make my crystal clear blue waters into murky and bitter ones... Horrible, I know! Not in anyway shape or form blaming anyone for anything; other than myself for allowing the bitterness and blah-ness to linger and stick like glue to my happy {pretty} thoughts; if you know what I mean. This year is all about change. I am also not saying that everyone else is right about me, but I am saying "HEY I AM HUMAN RIGHT?" It happens. Better late than never...and change is MORE than welcome in the new year, just sayin'. I for one am starting with ME. My attitude, my life, my perspective and forgetting about the past. I think I am an ok person and deserve a clean slate in 2012... I hope... Ha.

Thankfully, I have some pretty amazing women of God in my life. My Sister for one has showed me to live life and move forward. I also have a growing group of Women of Faith; who share scripture and uplifting words with me no matter what!
Don't get me wrong, they are not always like, "OH CONNIE YOU ARE SO RIGHT AND SO GREAT {so pretty and so perfect and your BLOG Oh-M-Geeee, ahhh-mazing!}!"

Uhm no, they wouldn't be real friends if that's how they thought, some days they are like;
"Connie get over it!", "Connie it's your pride, read your Bible", "Connie DON'T BE STUBBORN and listen to God"; and in those moments I realize how amazing they are and how God has slowly by surly placed them in my life to be my most BESTEST friends EVER! I have lots of great women in my life who listen to me, respect me and love me...for me. I have been Blessed but trust's taken time and lots of prayer... these ladies didn't come over night and I have grown to know them and they have grown to know me..and I think that together we have grown. I love them lots they know who they are...

So, let's get to changing! Ha. Ok, we take a break on day 6 of the New Year we can start over on the 9th....even change deserves a weekend!

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