Monday, January 9, 2012

{Houston...we have un problemo!} Literally.

So, my 365 project has been temporarily compromised..... I need a backup camera in 2012....

You see wha'ha'happen was?

The battery on my camera died on me...all the way dead, and my charger was on the other side of Houston at my Momma's casa. Ahii. I will get my charger today...catch up on my pictures and post for my 365 project and move forward with what has literally started off as a VERY productive and positive year! I can't wait for the rest of 2012 because I am thinking MORE and MORE as the days go by that this is really going to be a GREAT year! Why wouldn't it be huh?!

We had  a GREAT weekend... had a little Momma guilt Saturday night. I still can't manage to go out on date nights with the Hubby without feeling like a horrible Momma! It's hard. I know, I am probably being a little over dramatic but I couldn't have a good time without thinking that my kids were at their Ma-Maw's home without us but God always has a way of making us feel more at ease...

We went out for a friends birthday, my friend has four lovely girls and of course we started talking about them and sharing pictures and the other couple sitting with us...also three lovely guess what, we talked about our kids and felt a lot better about being out and having fun but also being able to incorporate our kids who we ABSO-MUCHO LOVE!

It's Monday... YAY! ::totally NOT being sarcastic:: I really do love Monday's! But, it's gloomy here in Houston..I think some tornado's actually made land fall this morning... Any way!

Oh yes and this whole Identity Crisis series has started off a little more difficult than I expected!!! Wow. I really have to put some thought into that one...

Also, I AM SOOO LOVING JON ACUFF. He is sooo awesome !

Lovely and Blessed week to EVERYONE in Bloggy~Land and away!!!

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