Sunday, February 12, 2012

{Anticipation} ♥

It's what killed the cat right? Or was it procrastination? Who knows.


We have a couple of things coming up in 2012! {Big YEAR. I can feel it.}

First off...Cami Bell {Camila Isabel} turns the big HUGE UNO...Siiii. En Marzo.Y vamos a tener una FIESTA.... literally.

Here is a little sneak peek:

Then there is {May}! I think May will have it's own breed of special posts. Filled with so much PRAISE to God and Thanks-giving! May. May 2012. Class of 2012. It will all have such a deep meaning. The month. The year. {Tears fill my eyes as I type this.}

When we look back on May of 2012 we will be able to tell our children; that was the year your Daddy graduated college! After much sacrifice and hard work. For himself, for us, for you. He finished college. Some people may not see it as a big deal. I say. IT'S A HUGE DEAL. I am more than proud of my Hubby and his accomplishments. When we set out to create our own little family we knew that getting an education would be a number one priority.

Now that day could just be right around the corner. It doesn't become "official" until about the 24th of this month, but we can't wait to find out! {Holding my breath..until then. Not literally.}

{Mini Post-Within a Post?}

I realized that some days I have ONE word post. Because, I guess that's all it takes. One word. And, other days my titles are long. Long. Because some days need more words than others. Just a thought. Ha.

It's Sunday. Tomorrow Monday. Ahii. Here we go again.

Thank You God for this Blessed day. I pray that we shine in the week to come...with your light, your favor and your grace.



Jazmin B. said...

El Papel Picado looks Great Connie!

And Im Happy For Your Hubby and the Fam.

Connie Leon said...

Thank You Jaz!! I am day, one month at a time.. :)