Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{SantiDay} ♥ Monster Jam 2012

This past weekend we decided that we needed to start dedicating one day, an entire day, to our little man. It’s a difficult task being an older brother; what with all the extra mess making and tantrum throwing to assure as much attention as his chunky, big round browned eyed Lil’Nena {aka Baby Sister Cami}. We try not to make a difference between them and give them the same amount of attention but that little Sister of his is such a ham and she knows it.

We love them both the same but we just wanted to remind Santi how special he is and how much we love him. We decided to take him to this year’s Monster Jam {for you more experience Momma’s, you don’t have to wait to say “I told you so…” cause now I know} we bought our tickets early and made it a point to remind him that it would be his special day.

He loved it for about oh, a whole 10 minutes {an hour really, we were surprised he lasted that long} but we made it through the first half and by the second half… we were walking out the doors and down those ramps at Reliant Stadium….it was so worth it though, we had so much fun and so did he! Next SantiDay will have to be more age appropriate! HA. We learned a very expensive lesson today; 2 year old's don’t need expensive days out just days with lots of attention and love! He just loved being the center of attention and didn’t care where we were… he loved the Monster trucks and was only scared for a bit…

Here is our first ever {SantiDay} at Monster Jam 2012:

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Casey Ayala (DreamTree Photography) said...

I SO love this! That's a great idea! Thinking, we'll prob need to do the same for Aislynn. ps. SO jealous y'all went to Monster Jam... been wanting to go for the longest time!
Glad Santi had fun! Looked awesome! <3