Thursday, February 16, 2012

{Thankful Thursday} LINK UP!!!!

{It's  been a LONG, LONG week to say the least. I am worried, the worse is just to come... work is going to get crazy busy REALLY soon here. Ahii. I will make the absolute best of it though. God has amazing things in store for our little family, I can only pray. }

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This week I am most Thankful for:

{Different Types of Girlfriends} Every one of my friends is special and different. Just this week I thought, I am glad I have Yvonne in my life she is a 30 something Momma of Dos with a great Hubby. But, then I thought, I also have so many other friends who contribute to my everyday in such great ways...single girlfriends, single Momma girlfriends {and Sis}, engaged or ready to be engaged friends, Momma/Wife friends, co-worker Momma friends, co-worker single friends, etc etc. It's so awesome how much God Blesses me with so many type of women who can help me in so many different areas of my life that need improvement or up-keep! Thank You Amigas!!

{Morning and Afternoon Commutes} I usually complain about  my 45 minute plus commute in the mornings on my way to work or in the afternoons on my way home. But, just last night I thought, when I've had a LONG stressful day at work..the extra alone time in the car is a great way to unwinde and plan for the evening as well as the extra ride home giggling with my kids afte I pick them up. In the mornings it's a great time to pray and think about the day ahead. Either way I get amazing alone time with God and myself... I guess if my car could speak... I wonder about the stories it would tell...lots of amazing Blessed moments.

{KSBJ on the Radio} I started listening to Christian Radio a little over 5 years ago. Most days are just great, then there are those days when I am totally Blessed. The Dj's are just SO relateable. I can't imagine a day without KSBJ and I don't know how I ever got through my days without it. Just Blessed and I love all their music!

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Jenny said...

Oh my, aren't friends the best? And the fact that there are so many different kinds of friends? I think God for them every day!!