Saturday, February 4, 2012

{Things I've learned} It's the weekend....

As a new Momma some of you more experienced Momma's may say, "uhm duh." to me after this post..but here goes.

As a new working outside the home Momma I have learned the following about keeping up with my house chores:

  • Windex is your BFF. Literally. You will need it for lots of sticky icky, I have no idea what those are things. 
  • A 20 minute tidy early in the morning can go a long way. And, can mean the difference between a meltdown after work or a smile as I walk in my house at the end of long what the heck just happened at work kinda day. 
  • You will never confine all toys to one spot/place/toy bin/or room. Never. Ever. {Unless your kids are those type of kids that love everything clean, not in my case. At all!} My kids make it a point to make sure every livable space of our home is covered in "them." {Post at  a later date about this...}
  • Don't ever think you will remain cute, clean and un-sweaty if you have a two year old and 10 month, ever. Ever. Those words don't exist. Ha. {Are you laughing yet? Cause I am. It's better for me...} 
  • You can't do it all. {PERIOD}
  • Take a breather, the mess will be there when you get back up. {Ha.}
  • Your home may never be perfect but it will be filled with Love beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Keep lipstick and pens away from your kids, at.all.times. Unless you like them on your walls, floors, tables, doors, etc. etc.
  • You know those expensive pots and pans and plastic thingies under your cabinets, don't get too attached. I've learned the hard way.
  • When in doubt about that sticky icky, I have NO idea what THAT is kinda messes, use WINDEX. {Except remember which towel you used it with because you don't want to ACCIDENTALLY wipe your daughters sticky what is it kinda messy face with it. Just sayin'. On the bright side she was squeaky clean and smelled lemony the rest of the day...Just sayin'}
  • If your Hubby says "oh I'll do it", let him, you will be tired now but when you recoup you can go back and do it your way......
  • When you get overwhelmed. Take a break and play with  your children, they won't be this little forever and when they get older they can help you clean... kinda...sorta, maybe? 
  • Don't wear your work shoes to clean's not a good idea, as cute as you may look in them...your feet will hate you in the morning when you have to put them back on and go to work for 8 whole hours or MORE the next day...Just Sayin'...
  • Life is too short to worry about it all, to think about it all. Some days I want to cry and scream, others I can't help but laugh and at the end of the day as I climb over mountains of toys to get to the crib and that tiny person sleeping in it...I can't help but THANK GOD every day for how amazingly Blessed I am. 
  • Yes, it's frustrating, tiring, dirty, messy, difficult, even sad at times, but trust me, it's worth it. IT DOES GET BETTER. And life...well it goes on...and I as I always say...IT'S NOT THAT SERIOUS. 
  • It really isn't....
All you experience Momma's please feel free to share your cleaning secrets with all us new Momma's!

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Casey Ayala (DreamTree Photography) said...

hhahaahahahaa!! I literally LOL'd through the entire thing!! After 5+ years, not much changes. just sayin'. LOL